Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

People Can be True Soldiers to Keep Militants at Bay

It is clear that Afghan people are not innately disposed to exercise violence. Violence is the way adopted by the Taliban militants and other insurgent groups. They continue to kill innocent people, destroy roads and burn schools. But Afghan people want to live in security and peace.

They are tired of the way Taliban operate and explode. Local people can greatly contribute to security and peace by repudiating the Taliban militants and other insurgents. The case of killing of two armed insurgents by Helmand people can set a very good example in this regard.

Recently, the people in Helmand stoned to death two armed militants after they shot down a sixty year old man, who was said to be a tribal elder in the district. The militants accused the man of spying for the government. This brave act of local residents is highly appreciable and needs to be built upon.

Taliban militants have been targeting tribal elders and religious scholars that have backed the government and the current democratic process. The Taliban insurgents have also been killing government employees and those who work with national and international organizations. The people can be genuine and strong soldiers to defend the country and system against the resurgence of Taliban militants and foreign fighters and keep them at bay.

But for that to happen there should be an effective governance and service delivery. Unfortunately, over the last ten years, Afghan government under the leadership of President Hamid Karzai who against the grains of Afghan people call the Taliban militants as his brothers has been unable to deliver services to the people effectively.

The government has not proved itself worth defending and instead has sunk in rampant corruption, which has alienated and frustrated the people and continues to do so. In some cases, people remain neutral because they are not persuaded by the government to defend and fight for it.

It is clear-cut that no one will fight for a corrupt government. The reason why Afghan people still continue to support this corrupt and inefficient government is the fact that the Taliban militants and other insurgent groups are too bad, cruel, inhuman, and violent to side with.