Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Hope for Better Tomorrow Diminishes

The problems of political instability and bad security have worsened in Afghanistan, making country's future highly uncertain and vulnerable. This uncertainty has its negative impacts, which are never welcoming for a war-torn country, such as Afghanistan. This year the number of Afghan refugee families that have returned to their homeland is quite insignificant and only in a few thousands.

Of the Afghans who have returned to Afghanistan in the last years many have left the country due to insecurity and no employment opportunities while tens of thousands are having on mind to leave Afghanistan and try to settle in Western countries. The series of targeted killing, on the other hand, has caused many public figures and important personalities to escape the country. The country is moving towards a severe uncertain condition which has caused the dream of a better tomorrow to break into pieces.

We are moving towards a vague destination. We have the worst level of security in spite of presence of about 150,000 foreign troops and more than 260,000 Afghan security forces. What will happen to this country after 2014? The factor of uncertainty is largely responsible for waves of disappointments persisting among the people.

Deep concerns on reconciliation program with Taliban and withdrawal of international troops are affecting the minds of Afghans. For the level of uncertainty to go up, the government and its backers are greatly responsible.

The bad security is questioning the roles and functions of security forces, Afghan government and its international allies. This has up to a major extent defamed the counterinsurgency war led by United States and greatly increased the concerns of Afghans.

Insurgents' planned attacks that include suicide/roadside bombings, targeted killings, direct clashes with security forces and kidnapping continue. Very unfortunately, we have witnessed increase in these activities in the last few years despite all military and non-military efforts that have cost men and money.

Taliban are responsible for the lingering violence in our country – no doubt. But the government can also be held equally responsible as it has completely failed to counter the growth of insurgency. The government seemingly has become a victim of its own wrong policies and formula and people's hope for a better tomorrow has diminished.