Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Militancy and Radical Ideology Menace Freedom

Freedom is men’s natural right and one is not supposed to pose threat to this right or curtail it but on the basis of law. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Exercising freedom in a peaceful enviroment will decrease violence and bloodshed and channel the globe to peace and stability. Since freedom is men’s fundamental need, the world will have to respect it and seek to eliminate the barriers.
Human beings are free to exercise their religion and beliefs and no one, including the government, is allowed to force the individuals to practice certain faith or religion. Discriminating one on the grounds of his/her race, color, caste and religion is banned in national laws and international instruments.
Throughout the human societies, the violation of individuals’ rights and liberty led to bloody wars and outraged human conscience. For instance, a nation sought to enslave others and kings sought to rule a nation at gunpoint. Their megalomania and lust for power or ethnocentrism prompted them to curtail the individuals’ freedoms at the cost of millions of lives. The imposed restrictions triggered a strong backlash from the nations and they resorted to violence to fight the hurdles. It is believed that the World Wars were the result of showing contempt for human rights to life and liberty and humiliating them. Therefore, a large number of people lost their lives for denying the yoke of slavery and colonization and protecting their freedom.
It is believed that radical ideology and lack of religious tolerance pose the most serious threat to men’s freedoms. Currently, the fundamental ideologues spill the blood of the masses on the grounds of their religion and beliefs. The armed militants such as the Taliban and self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) trample upon the freedoms of the public for not being able to practice religious tolerance. Their parochial worldviews and narrow mindsets leave no room for the spirit of brotherhood or respect to men’s freedom. In other words, since the extremist groups seek to impose their ideology on the public at gunpoint, the individuals show reactions and protect their faith and beliefs at the cost of their lives.
If we consider many Islamic countries, the militant fighters stoke sectarianism and racial tensions. Those who deem themselves superior based on their race or sect, they will humiliate others and imperil their freedom. For instance, the ISIL group enslaved thousands of Yazidi women in Syria on the basis of their sect, rated according to desirability, labeled and transported them across ISIL-held territory. The fighters traded the women and awarded them by leadership as prizes. Moreover, the Taliban regime killed a large number of ethnic minority groups and treated women violently. They revived the cruelty of some former kings of Afghanistan who violated their freedoms, mainly the freedoms of speech, thoughts, assembly and press.
The philosophers and lawyers believe that freedom is men’s natural and inalienable rights – which are also stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) – and it is bestowed by the creator not the state. Therefore, the state will not be allowed to restrict the nation’s freedom but on the basis of law. The theory of “social contract” suggests that people allowed the state, based upon a contract, to restrict their freedoms and protect their rights and liberty in return. Thus, when one breaks the legal restrictions and cross the red line set by the state, s/he will have to be prosecuted and punished according to law. In short, the government is supposed to form a civil society void of violence and bloodshed, safeguard the nation’s rights and protect them from social and political harms.
In Afghanistan, the warring factions pose serious threat to nation’s rights and liberty and shed their blood in suicide bombings and terrorist attacks. The public are not able to exercise their freedom in a peaceful atmosphere. The graph of civilian casualties is high and the militancy continues unabated. The emergence of ISIL group has aggravated the instability and filled the air with greater chagrin. Life has turned cheap and valueless. Both individual and collective freedoms are susceptible to harm and peril.
Women are subdued to men indoors and to the militants outdoors. They suffer from violence and mistreatments. Moreover, they are still confined in social and cultural restrictions. Traditional norms hamper them from taking active part in social activities and militancy curtails their political role. In short, the flagrant violation of the nation’s freedoms is rife in the country. 

The inchoate democracy is left at the mercy of the Taliban’s offensives. To strengthen democracy, the state will have to protect the citizens’ rights to life and liberty and free the country from horror and terror. Freedom is the beating heart of democracy and should be upheld strongly. So, to nurture the spirit of democracy and pave the way for progress and prosperity, a nation is to be free from political instability and respect one’s life and liberty or else it will suffer all the aforementioned challenges.