Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, October 19th, 2018

Are we Disturbing Balance in Life?

Throughout our journey in history, we have been required to adjust by perfecting ourselves physically, socially and technologically so as to guarantee our existence. In the race for survival there is a fragile balance between nature and humanity and that stands crucial to all species. Human beings shifting this balance slowly with the purpose to control nature. As a matter of fact, by doing so we are putting the wellbeing of all species at danger. 
Nature is a dynamic phenomenon that requires balance. It possesses a harmonious organization that initiates and maintains a state of equilibrium. 
Nature is generally believed to be the physical world and its living organisms. Some say it is everlasting and expendable, some others say that we can use but must substitute, and others that we can look but not touch. Although opinion on nature's definition differs extensively, most of people agree that we are part of nature and therefore depend upon it. 
According to certain religions, nature presents the character of God, in its goodness and power, uniformity and apprehension to sustain human life. They also state that man is created from the soil of the ground. If man is made of nature and meddle with it, he is tampering with himself. Hence, if he tries to change the world around him then it will change him as well. 
Scientists are now altering nature by modifying a variety of species genetically through the use of a somewhat new process known as genetic engineering. Genetic manipulation, the main substance of genetic engineering, is the carriage of one or more genes from one species to another with the purpose of introducing new characteristics within an organism. This process is meant to form species that are more prolific and generally resilient to disease. Some people consider this new technology valuable as they believe that it can cure illness, improve health, profit agriculture and lessen world hunger.
They argue that we must eat better and more resilient foods and fight diseases with different methods at our service as it would help us in survival. As, it is a low of the nature that only the fittest survive. Simultaneously, we must accept that the careless use of new technology in other fields has given rise to more problems. It can be noted that there has been harm to the environment because of the same. There is a depletion in ozone layer; water has been polluted and many species are being killed. It is our primary responsibility to study the repercussion thoroughly before we move ahead and continue using genetic engineering. 
Supporters of genetic engineering may argue that we have been using genetic manipulation all over history in processes like in grafting, cross-pollination and hybridizing and therefore, there may not be something wrong with it. In actual fact, in these processes we have used natural breeding techniques not technological ones, primarily with individual organisms, and only now are we opening to comprehend the details of why and how they work. Before using a new method or creating a new organism, we have to be completely sure of what will be the outcome, otherwise we may be endangering the whole human race.
With genetic engineering we are playing with the basic building blocks of our existence – the DNA – in the ways that could never, under any circumstances, occur in nature. Through this process of executing irrevocable changes into the code of life we are providing new information and instructions never seen before. We are not confident about its repercussion and do not know how nature will respond back upon us. There are not many researches available that could study the side effects of deliberate gene manipulation. Upbringing new species to carry specific characteristics can be advantageous in certain ways but it also creates homogeneousness in the species genetic profiles. This will ultimately result in genetic erosion. Additionally, we do not know what unidentified features, viruses, and ailments might be brought forth by a new combination of genes.
It is important to note that biotechnology does not only change plants and animals but it can also alter humans. It is probable that we could obtain genetic information and contribute in genetic selection. One day this could open up the options of engineering our own children, it may have shocking results. The artificially engineered children would most probably see their life in a different manner, experiencing a severe identity crisis that may result in interminable emotional damage.
The fact is that we are not sure of the effects of what is being done but, unfortunately, we are persistent to proceed anyway. We, with arrogance and self-centered attitude, are taking the subtleties of creation and changing it into a dominant motive of power in which everything revolves around ourselves. In its place, we should favor harmony and shield the valuable balance of existence. We should use science to help us in our lives and solve our problems, not generate more problems for us. Only with this objective science could contribute a better perception into our lives and stop us from disturbing the balance of the environment that we are highly dependent upon.