Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 17th, 2019

No Compromise on Women’s Rights Acceptable

There have been numerous concerns about the women right in Afghanistan, in the last ten years their condition has gradually increased. Afghan women today, besides participating in the political processes are also active in many other fields of life. In major cities of Afghanistan where the government has some-how grip over the security situation, the lives of women are improving. Women work in government and non-government office, large number of girls go to schools and universities. The role of women in day by day expanding media of Afghanistan is also significant.

All the positive points that have been achieved in regards of women rights are unfortunately confined to limited cities or districts of Afghanistan. The condition of women in many other parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban regime has firm grips – in southern provinces for instance - is miserable. Like the Taliban tenure women are not allowed to get education or even come out of their house without men accompanying them.

The women have been suffering acts of brutality and terrorism ranging from throwing of acid on their faces, attacking their schools with poisonous gases and severe physical punishments etc. With the growing influences of Taliban from south to the peaceful of regions of Afghanistan, concerns about the freedom of women are also increasing. The Taliban have warned man and women to abandon their jobs with government, NGOs and foreign troops. If not they will have their heads cut-off.

President Hamid Karzai has adopted they way of reconciliation with Taliban – backed both in London and Kabul Conferences. Also, in this regard a Jirga (Consultative Peace Jirga) has been held and a Peace Council has been established tasked with exploring negotiations with the Taliban. But the Afghans and the international community emphasize that there should not be compromise on the rights of women. Return of Taliban should not mean, losing all the so-far gains of women of Afghanistan.