Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Our Living Standards

Different villages, towns and cities all over Afghanistan have a wide range of disparities in the living standards and quality of life. These dissimilarities are because of many factors and issues about the residents and location. Every town, in itself, is individual and distinctive, nevertheless a pattern in the dissimilarity of living conditions may be observed. On most of the part, disparity in the living conditions can be attributed to the residents in the area. Looking at the, socio-economic, financial, and environmental standards, it is easier to tell why people are living in the conditions that they do.
Observing the economic aspects of residents in an area can reveal for us things like their profession. In certain cases the criteria will consist of looking at the unemployment levels in an area. This would mainly include gathering the unemployment statistics. This is a very tangible way to measure the living standards of an area as it identifies the percentage of people who are jobless and claim benefits. The higher percentage suggests that there are many residents who bring only a little money into the home, and thus have enough to survive difficultly. Consequently, they cannot pay for many extravagances and coziness.
Figures pertaining to income can be put into this category of money, and how much is brought into the home. The yearly incomes, number of doctors in every thousand people, and proportion of people who work in professional jobs are all good indicators to the living conditions of an area. Fundamentally, the more money people bring into the homes, the more it shows that they want to do well and prosper. It is these kind of people who have the higher living standards because of their jobs and the money that they earn.
Criteria relevant to social criteria of living standards comprise things like crime rates. Crime rates are a very solid meter measuring the living standards. Generally, higher crime rates in an area displays that the living standard is reduced and people even violate the law for higher living standards.
The environmental conditions of an area are also reliable indicators to the living standards. The higher the amounts of pollution in an area, the lower is the living standard. Higher pollution or dirtier environment may be because of several things; like, living at the places with no proper development. Therefore, the decreased levels of pollution in an area may suggest that the area is perhaps an excellent place to live, and probably affluent.
In fact, overcrowded conditions are not enjoyable to live in and that is why the housing density and absence of open space are very good indictors. People who have enough income, clearly, want to live in environs that do not include a lot of houses. As an alternative, they want to live in the areas not largely crowded and where the houses are spacious.
The areas with very low living standard, must be improved or regenerated for better living conditions. There are numerous improvements that can be carried out. For solving the problem of crime, the obvious solution would be to have more police patrol in the area, and on more regular basis. This, however, may not be probable for the police force to do this as they have limited resources. So having more neighborhood watch arrangements may act as a warning to the criminals.
Undoubtedly, for majority of the people it is a matter of money that decides the quality of life that they live. Hence creating more job opportunities for people would positively increase the income of most of the families. As far as the issue of basic amenities are concerned local councils or legal bodies can play a role. They can force property owners to make sure that the basic amenities are up to the mark and provide basic facilities.
To solve the problems of youths and vandals, the education in schools should be cautiously observed, different approaches should be used towards teaching certain problem children within the school. One of the reasons why most vandalism and graffiti occurs is that teenagers are get bored. Consequently, if improvement occurs in an area, areas of open space should be left and parks should be built between roads. This will, optimistically, keep people away from criminal behavior to a certain extent.

Generally, the major stimulus to the living standards of the people is the amount of money that they earn. This afterwards affects the area in which they can afford to live in, and thus they basically buy their living standards. However, the people also affect the living standards of the areas where they live. An area can be regenerated as much as wanted, but the people who live there basically decide how they want to regenerate them. The way the people live may soon turn an area back to the way it was before regeneration. Thus, it is important that the residents of a place must also desire and strive for better living standards, if they a want an improved way of living.