Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, October 19th, 2018

Education Starts at Home

Some parents think that once their children start going to school, they can relax and enjoy; however, researches in this regard show that parents have an even larger influence on their children's academic results than the schools. Most of a child's ability to interconnect, to share with teachers and peers and their attitude to learning, is shaped from home. Parents can, without a tinge of doubt, assist largely in giving their children a helping hand, by starting their education and tutoring at home.
Things as simple as baking a cake with their children can help parents in the education of the children. Measuring the ingredients for a cake is a basic form of mathematics. Another way of assisting young children in basic mathematics is simply planning to buy different things that are required at home; for example, cups, glasses, oranges, bags, and so on. Children often find these real life experiences very much helpful and through these examples they can solve their mathematical problems more easily. Another way that parents can support their children with their Math, is to give them pocket money. It, necessarily, does not have to be a large sum of money, and they may be required to chores to earn it. This not only teaches them about the value of money, but they may be required to bring in use their basic Math so as to work out how long they will have to save in order to be able to  buy the special toy that they wish. This implies that children are improving their sense about money, and at the same time their Math skills.
Reading to children at an early age can already prepare them before they start school. However, parents should not halt reading to children when they start going to school. They, mostly, like to be read to, particularly different stories and it can help to increase their vocabulary as well. Parents can also improve their children’s their reading skills by facilitating them with reading opportunities. Parents can read their children books, magazines, sign or anything else of their interest.
Making children learn the alphabet while they are young, can also benefit them with their spelling and reading. Making children use the right equipment can help with their education. Giving them a noiseless place where they can work, read and do homework, with a bright reading light and a comfortable chair and desk, are just some of these things. Parents can also assist their children by showing them with some reference books, and any other pertinent learning material they might require.
There are different ways that parents can support their children with their oral communication skills. Some of these involve letting their children answer the phone and order food and contribute in family conversation and casual conversation with neighbors so that they can experience varied situations where different types of speeches are used. It is also significant to encourage good and ethical speech, and parents should do this by using correct speech themselves, and helping their children when they say something incorrectly.
Parents can also help with society and environment in a number of different ways. For example, they can show their children how the scale and legends on a road map help to determine different routes. They can also support their children with finding right information for assignments, but they have to be careful that they do not do the assignments for them.
Science is everywhere around the world and of great importance; therefore, helping children with this subject is essential and it is not very difficult for the parents as well. Pointing out flora and fauna in the garden for example is giving children a basic scientific education. The fridge, TV, air-conditioner, and computer are all linked to science in one way or another, and teaching young children about these things and various others, can help to develop their scientific minds.
Health starts from an early age, and teaching children basic things at home about health can help them when they start to go to school. Parents can teach their children about food, exercise, and rest and this will help them with health, as these things are related to it. Parents can also teach their children the importance of safety rules, hand washing, and caring for teeth, all of which are necessary knowledge for children.
Obviously, parents do need to take a lively and concerned role in the education of their children. As revealed, there is a multiplicity of different things that parents should do to help their children with their education, but of course there are many more things that parents can do. If parents do not do any of these things, you can easily see how far their children may fall behind when they go to school. So if parents are interested that their children should do well at school, they must be organized enough to help educate their children at home.