Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Washington Has No Other Way

Pakistan itself is the victim of terrorism though; its role is being deemed vital for US in countering terrorism in Afghanistan. At the same time, Pakistan would need support from US and cooperation from Afghanistan to improve security in its cities by curbing terrorists' activities in its border regions with Afghanistan.

Pakistan has, up to a great extent, turned into an internally instable state and that is how its rivals want to see it. The instability in Pakistan is impacting the situation negatively in Afghanistan in the same way as Pakistan is affected by instability in Afghanistan. While US, as it says, is in the region to support both the countries economically and militarily to fight the growing insurgency.

Since early May, when Osama bin Laden got killed in Abbot Abad of Pakistan, the US-Pak relations, as being seen, has gone bitter. The beneficiaries of such condition are the insurgents. There are certain circles in US that blame Pakistan for supporting Taliban and Haqqani network in launching attacks on US and Afghan troops in Afghanistan.

Also it is maintained by many that the US government has made a big mistake by trusting Pakistan but certain high authorities of US think the other way – Pakistan has been an important ally of US in countering terrorism and without cooperation of Pakistan it would be difficult for US to invade Afghanistan and capture certain important figures of Taliban and al Qaida.

Therefore, US government seems not ready to break its friendly ties with Pakistan. That is because it deems Pakistan's role pivotal in its success in Afghanistan. This fact is signaled in the statements by US high authorities. US Secretary of Defense, Leon E Panetta says Washington has no other way except improving relation with Pakistan as it needs the support from Islamabad to fight extremist groups such as al Qaida.

Afghanistan too is in dire need of assistances from regional countries and other members of international community for its security, reconstruction works and overall economic and social development. Therefore, any damage in the relation between US and countries close to Afghanistan will have negative impacts on wellbeing of this country. Optimal efforts should be put to not let Afghanistan be sandwiched.