Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

The Uncontrolled Crimes

With the insecurity on the rise in Afghanistan, the crime rate also seems to be troubling people; particularly in the capital Kabul. According to the figures by the Kabul police, from May 20 to June 20, 333 serious criminal incidents occurred in Kabul. And, since June 20 to date, 283 crimes cases have been documented by Kabul police. It should be noted here that these are the figures that show the cases which were serious and were reported to police. It is quite possible that there were cases that were not reported to police; therefore, the actual figure may be quite high.
It is necessary to understand the link between the rising insecurity and rising rate of crimes. As, more energy and concentration is dedicated to counter-insurgency activities, there is lesser concentration on controlling the crimes. Moreover, it has to be understood as well that in certain cases the criminal activities, in fact, fund the insurgency. For example, kidnapping for ransom is one of the ways through which insurgents manage to generate income for their terrorist activities.
There is another important link between the deteriorating standards of living and rising rates of crimes. As the relevant authorities have not been able to provide opportunities to the people for earning their livelihood and improving their standards of living, the people are compelled to opt for other illegal means. In many criminal activities, there are people involved who otherwise could prove to be positive for the society had they been provided with better life opportunities. Thus, the rising rate of unemployment, shrinking opportunities for business and rising poverty all contribute to the rising rate of crime in the country.
Another reason behind the rise in crimes is the prevailing lawlessness. As there is no rule of law and the criminals can easily take advantage of the situation and carryon their activities. The police are not able to control the crimes while the courts are not able to handle the increasing number of cases. On most of the occasions, the criminals are never taken to the courts; the police decide about their fate and in most of the cases set them free by charging them some amount of fine. Moreover, the limited rule of law is only for the poor and powerless, while the powerful criminals are above the law and they can never be touched or brought to law by the law-enforcement agencies. It is imperative to note that in most of the cases the large criminal gangs are supervised by the individuals who are politically and economically influential within our society.  
The increase of crime in a society enhances the economic, social and psychological sufferings of the masses. For instance, the murder of the head of the family brings myriads of problems and difficulties for the wife, children and other dependents. The increasing rate of crime in the country disorganizes and disintegrates the whole society and affects all social institutions adversely.
Keeping in view the negative and devastating impacts of crimes in our society, it is really vital to follow a comprehensive strategy to control the situation. The education of masses would decrease the nature and rate of crime in the country. Education inculcates respect for law among the people and promotes among them a sense of understanding of the environment in a better way. An educated person proves to be a better citizen in comparison to an illiterate and an ignorant person. Adult education centers should also be encouraged side by side with the educational program for the coming generations on a country level. Normally, an educated person thinks about the after effects before he intend to commit a crime.
Moreover, every efforts should be made to improve the living standard of the masses, as improvement in the living standard would bring about better housing and sanitation facilities for the masses. Good and enough food and clothing with better environment of the family are correlated with a higher living standard which will lead to a better and healthy socialization of an individual. Frustration due to poverty and economic insecurity would be no more a dominating factor among the masses, which may help in decreasing the rate of crime in the country. The number of cottage industries should also be increased to keep the villagers busy in slack seasons and also to enable them to raise their living standards.

Though the total prevention of the crimes is something impossible, there should be efforts to adopt preventive measures on the one hand, strive to amend the criminals on the other by providing them better chances for their readjustment in society as normal and useful member. It is not a matter of more police, more courts and jails which can decrease the rate of crime, but the creation of healthy brotherhood, better social environment and healthy society, culture and personality that can be remedy in the long run.