Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

The Tenets of our Society

A society is best identified by the tenets it upholds. Civilized societies are more inclined towards higher tenets in different walks of life; nevertheless, it is arguable what high tenets basically mean. The tenets that can fulfill the demands of the objective conditions are mostly thought to be suitable and are, resultantly, considered to be perfect. However, relevance to the environment does not necessarily mean that the tenets are faultless and positive. Say, in contemporary modern society, becoming modern is one of the essential tenets but it is not always considered to be positive.
It is thought to be impossible to set universal tenets for the human societies as cultures and their contexts differ. Yet, the crucial point is to comprehend that the tenets that show the real position of human beings, their true character and conduct, consideration for the well-being of others, the love and friendliness for the fellow human, real encouragement for sciences, arts and inventiveness are, in essence, the ones that must be invigorated and fortified.
Contemporary human beings seem to have gone astray. They have, in fact, become too much materialistic and stroll aimlessly in their lives. They are unable to discover the true aim of their existence and are hardened into someone that they are not through the influence of systems and beliefs. They are at a juncture where they are the root of their own disrepute and devastation. They seem to be in love with capital, desire and material comfort and they seem prepared to go to any extent for it.    
This, as an aftermath, has given birth to a man who is a complete model of humanity in today’s avaricious societies but may fail to fulfill the requirements of being a true human.
The important point is to consider what the tenets are in our society. The society of ours is well-known because of its egocentricity and conceit. Iniquitousness and discernment are the common characteristics of our people. If a person gives another person anguish because of his own happiness; if a person deceives others for his self-centered objective or if a certain group of people violates the rights of other groups, it should not be considered weird as it is usual exercise within our society. As the settings within our society and the objective conditions have provided the way for such types of actions and attitudes, thinking of something different would be unreasonable and even senseless. As the general principle is to push others back and attempt to win the race in any manner. Not following such a path would mean struggling in the race, which nobody is ready to acknowledge as everyone runs after a victory.
Considering today’s society, it can be said that a person who is not cunning and self-absorbed is, as a matter of fact, naive. Instead, the shrewd evils cannot be reprimanded, as well. To tell the truth, when a person, in our society, does something wrong, he does not feel guilty about it.
He does not consider that his actions are bringing a lot of difficulties to others or even he does not think that his actions are not as per a responsible member of society. He never cares about the society as a whole the social aspects of his action. All he cares about is his own personal benefits.
In our society, if a killer is not a relative to the prey, it would be odd. Affection, admiration, trust, morality and spirituality are the tenets that are only important for some people; otherwise, these are empty words that the people of our society use to hide the criminalities of their conscience and the sins of their intentions. We are primarily circumscribed by falsehoods and false exposition and if we can protect our truth, it would be a great success. However, the companionship and ownership of truth is truly frustrating. It involves undergoing isolation and accepting the responsibility of being unalike. Yet, it is not something to be discouraged about. A human can be dissatisfied from another human but should not be dissatisfied from humanity, as human beings live for a certain of time but humanity has always lived and will live forever.
It is really crucial to think why the kind of society, wherein a person has to defeat another person by going over his corpse, must not alter. Why should not we transform the system wherein human beings do not need the company and association of others for the improvement of society in its entirety, but need for their selfish benefits? Few things are utterly wrong with the society that does not have love and brotherhood as its tenets but encourages the people to have enmity so as to own as much material benefits as possible. Our society, without a tinge of doubt, is in crying need of true humanity and tenets that can ensure such humanity.