Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 17th, 2019

High Time to Rethink Conciliation

Does the government not understand the truth or Taliban offensives are not powerful enough to illustrate their willingness to overthrow President Karzai government? The reconciliation game is carried on amidst increasingly sophisticated and harsh attacks. Busy with the special court ruling, Karzai administration is too cold to overhear bombings and suicide attacks across the country. Terrorists have been struggling to convince Afghan government that they will leave no stone unturned to restore violence and instability in Afghanistan.

However, president Karzai doesn't believe they are serious. Amidst political instability and the increasingly divergent approaches in relations among state organs, Taliban's extremely organized offensives, suicide attacks, high profile assassinations, hit-and-run operations and road side bombings have extremely increased across the country in comparison to those before the reconciliation process was launched.

Acting in the harshest manner to demonstrate their ill-intended purposes, a team of six Taliban suicide bombers launched a coordinated assault on a provincial governor's compound in Parwan on Sunday, killing 19 people. It is the latest high-profile attack to target prominent Afghan government officials. Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack that appeared to have targeted a meeting of top provincial security officials that was taking place in the compound.

Although observing the troublesome situation across the country, Afghan government officials futilely hope that president Karzai's placating policies could help his peace initiative become successful. Since the beginning, Al Qaeda-backed Taliban, the stubborn extremist militants, are treated kindly by afghan president and his team. But the reality is too lucid to be concealed by naïve hopeful statements. Derived from naively optimistic views, afghan government has so far practiced a bunch of unrealistic policies that has led only to the current deteriorating security and fading hopes of the nation.

Appeasement policies and pacifying moves have encouraged the fugitives to carry on their terrorist operations across the country in more sophisticated ways with greater courage to expand violence to those areas that used to be peaceful. Unrealistic judgments on security situation and the futile continued call for peace talks have worked out no single issue.

As demonstrated frequently, the militants would carry out more aggressive operations in more parts of the country with more mercenaries recruited as result of government inefficient policies. So, the government would better rethink its approach to the brutal, ill-minded terrorists before everything about democracy, development and human values are over by Taliban return to power and International forces abandonment of the country.