Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Karzai, not Contesting for the Third Term

Constitution of a state is the highest body of rules and procedures regarding the different organs of the state that include legislature, judiciary and executive and the rights of the citizens of the state. In a democratic country constitution is considered as the endeavors of the elected members to guarantee welfare of the citizens. It stands supreme and its violation deserves punishment. The successful countries in the world make sure that the contents of the constitutions must be followed by all the people in general and even the most powerful must not be able to hijack it. Obedience to the constitution really shows the integrity of the country.

Any constitution in the world is not perfect. There are always shortcomings in it. Those shortcomings may arise with the changing nature of the political situation and political systems and there are margins of changes in some of the articles of the constitution. But those changes should also be brought through a particular process.

Only the organs of the state, particularly the legislature should have the authority to finalize such changes. The competitiveness of the constitutions depend on their capacity to address the changes in the country while the supremacy of the constitutions can always be gauged through the tendency of even the most authoritative to follow it. Keeping the basics intact, there are always changes in the greatest of the constitutions through pre-determined process so as to keep the system up to date.

But at a given time period, the obedience to the constitution must be guaranteed instead to demanding for changes in it. Further, it is not necessary that the constitution should be put forward for changes because of an individual or a group that seeks self-centered gains instead of wellbeing of the state.

Like all other democratic countries, Afghanistan has a constitution which stands as the supreme body of rules and procedures. Definitely, all the citizens of the country have to follow it so as to make it stronger and more respectable. If the wellbeing of Afghan political institutions have to be guaranteed it is necessary that the most authoritative have to lead as an example. There has been announcement by the President Hamid Karzai that he, considering the constitution reputable, will not contest the presidential election for the third term as, "Afghanistan's constitution does not allow the president to run for a third time."

This statement comes after the gossips in lower house of the parliament that President Hamid Karzai may opt for an emergency in order to prolong his rule over the country. This decision, if followed, has to be appreciated and must be perceived as a precursor to important constitutional integrity.