Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Peace is Paramount

Afghanistan has been suffering from the horrors of wars and instability for decades now. These have made the people undergo great misery; therefore, most of the people are now tired of the circumstances and they keep on longing for peace. The common people in Afghanistan require nothing more than peace today as the situation is once again turning instable and insecure. People on many occasions expressed their hatred for insecurity; however, their voices have never found keen ears.
In a similar expression a number of civil society activists on Friday conducted a rally in Kabul - dressed in colorful costumes. Their objective was to bring some cheer and a message of peace to Kabul as the constant violence was a terrible drain for people. They also called on insurgents to end their violence and join the peace process. It is really imperative that such movements should be appreciated and there should be more efforts by all the responsible members of the society for the promotion of peace and tranquility. It will also have a positive impact on the social psychology and development of stability and social order.
Peace also stands paramount for the development in a society. Sustainable development would only remain a distant dream if there is no peace. Many basic issues would remain unsolved and would never gain attention if the society does not feel safe and secure. And, there is ample evidence from the history as well that should be enough for the nations to comprehend the worth of peace and shun their attitude of war.
Wars have only misery to offer. They can never be won by any one. All those groups or countries that have fought wars have only received destruction. Even if some of them have proved themselves more powerful than others, they have done it after a series of sacrifices on both sides. Wars have always offered devastation to human civilizations, massacred guiltless human beings, brought miseries and pains, which should be enough lesson for human beings to come to their senses.
When a society pursues war, there are many important requirements that are neglected and most of the energy and efforts are dedicated to making a nation ready for launching war and strong militarily. Weird, but true that there are many countries in today’s world that would not utilize the resources of the nation for improving the standard of the living of the people but would prefer spending them generously on acquiring modern weaponry. This clearly depicts that what human beings pursue is their own destruction; unfortunately, they remain naïve enough to comprehend it.  
In this regard it is important to have a look at the quantity and quality of modern weaponry that human societies have collected in modern world – they have the capability to raze human beings from the surface of the earth completely. The extent of weapons of mass destruction available for the service of the modern nations can even destroy the entire earth several times.
Knowing all these facts, it is really weird that there are thinkers who suggest that peace can only be acquired through wars and, therefore, wars are thought to be necessary in human societies.
This is the biggest and the most unforgivable misconception human beings have ever had. War does not and cannot guarantee peace; destruction is in its true nature. Even if war brings any sort of peace that is only after the entire human civilization is destroyed completely. Such peace that would be achieved at the worth of human annihilation is hard to be justified.
For promotion of peace and tranquility within human society, it is important that there should be efforts both on collective and individual levels. The international organizations can play an influencing role in promoting peace in the world. They can bring the world leaders together and strive to coordinate strong relations among the nations of the world based on the theory of cooperation and collective existence. They can also strive to introduce ban on the proliferation of the destructive weaponry and careless utilization of atomic energy.
On the individual level, human beings can use their characteristics of compassion and love to reduce the possibilities of war and establish peace. As Dalai Lama XIV had rightly observed, “World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is the manifestation of human compassion”. There is no doubt in the fact that human beings are loving beings. They have a heart, which knows to beat and to feel affection towards other human beings. They can be all ears to the beating of their hearts and can observe how peacefully and in a perfect order they follow one another, neither to dominate nor to beat but to support one another and in the process support the entire heart which then ensures life.