Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Ruthless Kabul Attack

With the start of the spring season in Afghanistan insecurity seems to be on the rise. It is really unfortunate for the people of Afghanistan that they have to witness bloodshed and war in the season that should otherwise be for entertainment and enjoyment. They should smell the scent of blooming flowers and the dancing trees but what they actually smell is the blood of innocent people shed by insensitive terrorists that ill-fatedly include the blood of guiltless women and children as well.
The people of Kabul witnessed a terrifying attack by the terrorists yesterday that killed 28 people and injured around 327 people, including mostly civilians. The attack was a Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) that was followed by a protracted gun-battle between security forces and an unknown number of Taliban gunmen.
According to certain reports, the vehicle used in the bombing was a truck that was fully loaded with explosives that is why it resulted in a gigantic explosion that brought destruction to the houses in 1 kilometer diameter of the point of incident. Most of the people got injured because of the glass wounds that were shattered as a result of the explosion.
The attack was definitely one of the most tragic ones in the ongoing year and one of the largest in capital Kabul. It was definitely carried out without any consideration for the lives of the poor civilians and it clearly shows how insensitive Taliban are towards the lives of the people of Afghanistan. They, otherwise, claim that they do not target the impeccable civilians. It is also heart-breaking to even imagine the destruction that could be unleashed as a result of explosion by a truck-full explosives. This act of barbarism should be condemned as much as possible.
Different countries and international organizations in this regard have condemned the attack and have shown their condolences for the victims. President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah also showed severest condemnation. UN Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan said in a statement, “This attack shows the devastation caused by the use of explosive devices in urban areas and once more demonstrates complete disregard for the lives of Afghan civilians… The use of high explosives in civilian populated areas, in circumstances almost certain to cause immense suffering to civilians, may amount to war crimes.” However, it is important that more should be done in addition to these condemnations.
There are some very serious questions that should be answered and there should be strict process of accountability; otherwise, this matter will also die within few days as mostly happens after such attacks. Some people show their sympathies and then the incidents are forgotten altogether. No questions are asked and if they are asked they are not answered properly and no process of accountability is pursued.
If it is confirmed that the vehicle used in the attack was a truck that was filled with explosives, how could it get into the city without the notice of the security forces. Even if it was not a truck, it was a vehicle filled with explosives and the amount of damage that it has incurred clearly shows how much explosive material it contained. Why could not any one notice it? There may not be any conspiracy theory involved but it clearly shows negligence of duty.
It is evident that the enemies of the country will not gift it with flowers. They are ready for war and they have openly announced it as well. It is, therefore, essential that security authorities must be ready to deal with the situation and carry out measures to control it. Definitely, it is really difficult to control such attacks after they start, but it is possible to stop them before they occur. Thus, it is essential that the security forces, under the guidance of the government must take precautionary measures and stop such incidents from happening.
Government can keep on pursuing peace as its long-term policy, but at present there are urgent measures required to defend the country against the ongoing clashes. Before, Taliban can be brought to the negotiation table, they should be responded in their own language. If they are ready to fight, government must show them that Afghan security forces have all the capabilities to fight with them and defend the country against their evil intentions. Weakness at this point would mean a submission to the barbarous policies of the enemies. It would also mean that the Afghan government is not capable of providing security to its people.  

Taliban have, on various occasions, shown that they are not interested in peace and they have kept on massacring the poor people. Therefore, it is essential to make them believe that they have no other choice but to come to the table and they have no right to take the lives of innocent people of Afghanistan.