Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Private Companies have to be Socially Active

With the advancement of the business sector in different parts of the world there have been improvements in the ways the different companies and organizations do their business. Though, the private companies do not have any social duty except for following the rules and regulations of the society, they have been playing roles as active players in social sector.

The modern concept of business management demands that there should be ethical responsibilities which must be adhered by the private companies. A part from taking good care of their employees and their rights, there are certain responsibilities pertaining to the welfare of the society as a whole.

In the modern world of ours there are so many issues that have to be handled appropriately by business managers if they have to maintain their businesses socially active. Currently, there has been great emphasis on the organizations to be careful about the issues like gender discrimination, child labor abuse and ethnic biases.

Moreover, the companies are also expected to be careful about the environmental issues. The products and the manufacturing processes have to be environment friendly; otherwise they can cause severe damages to the world as a whole.

The companies that are able to generate a great deal of profit are no more successful; rather, the success now depends on how the companies take care of their customers in particular and the society as a whole in general. There are many companies that take part in fighting against social evils and economic difficulties of their societies.

In this regard the example can be taken of Etisalat Afghanistan. Etisalat Afghanistan, just like previous months of Ramadan, has announced to launch food distribution activities among more than 10,000 poor and low income families throughout Afghanistan, mostly including central regions and some other regions like Nangarhar, Balkh, Heart and Kandahar.

In addition, it has also announced to arrange for Iftar Saem functions for the poor who are deprived of their basic food requirements. These sorts of activities by the strong business organizations are really appreciable and must serve as guiding principle for the other business organizations that have their earnings from the same society. At least in this particular way some burden of the society can be shouldered by them as well.