Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Life is a Responsibility

One of the most precious gifts in the universe is life. Human beings must understand and realize its true value and must try to make it worth living. However, making a life worthy to be considered as a true and precious life requires consistent struggle. Imagining such a life is easy but making such a life possible in practice is really difficult.
The most important factor to consider in this regard is that human beings must rise to the occasion and feel their responsibility. They have to understand that the life they have is an opportunity and interval that can have a lasting impact on the coming generations and may lead them towards a better destination. In life every person has the responsibility of the impacts of his living. If the impacts are negative for others the life is not well-spent but if it has positive impact, it is a well-lived life.
The positivity and negativity of life can be gauged by the benefits or harms it brings to other human beings. A positive life is the one that considers the wellbeing of others as the most important factor, while the negative life is the one that does not consider such responsibility and it mostly brings harm or destruction to others.
Definitely, the society we live in does not have such a definition of life and it has converted us into something that human beings should have avoided. We have to shun such conversions and try to discover our lives ourselves. Every individual has to give a proper meaning and a proper direction to his life. Life is not there to be wasted; it is a miracle and every individual needs to prove that his life is a miracle.
In short, every human being needs to go through a process of transformation. He has to move from oblivion to awareness and from lethargy to responsibility. The transformation can start from negating what is already taught to human beings by his surroundings. He requires to un-condition himself. The conditioning that is carried out by the society may not always be favorable for a person, and most importantly that conditioning is as per the thinking and the perspectives of others. Every person needs to discover himself, himself. He has to decide his life according to his own comprehension of his self.
During this transformation, he may feel despair; and may experience nothingness. The world may look meaningless and purposeless. The roads may look dusty and leading to nowhere. The trees may look autumn-stricken and the water may be flowing in a directionless directions. The relations may seem absurd and the friends may appear to be strangers.
However, the important thing is not to get stuck in this despair as the life is on the other side of despair. It is not within it. This despair may prove to be a necessary evil. It may provide an opportunity to a person to rethink about his life, to rewrite its script and to rebuild his personality.
Gold becomes gold after many years of suffering. It has to bear the extreme temperature and great pressure. It has to go through various processes to sparkle as it does. A seed becomes a tree after going through a long and tiresome process. It has to bear the different sorts of weather and have to extract its nutrition from the earth. Only after surviving through every thick and thin it is able to stand strong as a tree and grow flowers and fruits.
History proves that the same is true for human beings as well. The personalities that have gone through very critical circumstances have been able to stand taller as human beings.
Every human being has to go through the experience of despair if he has to discover his true self. Borrowed ideologies, borrowed destinations and borrowed motives can never work for an individual. Every individual is unique in what he really is. Finding that unique self will require going through the quagmire of despair, yet the great revelations are waiting on the other side. Though going through this quagmire is necessary, sticking to it is not recommended. Getting stuck in the quagmire means pitiful death. It means a useless and wasted life. The quagmire should be considered as a necessary passage to the real destination on the other side of it.
Today’s world wherein most of the people are lost in hustle and bustle and in pursuit of the materialistic gains, this is a crying need that the human beings must discover true human gifted with perfect realization of the responsibilities and understanding of the human existence. He must suffer and despair, but has to take a rebirth. He has to be born as a different human being after what he goes through. This is the only way human beings can change the world around themselves; no other way is possible today.