Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Empathy – A Necessity for Social Wellbeing

One of the basic reasons for chaos, instability and war in the world is the incapacity of human beings to see the world in its totality. Human beings are not able to consider themselves as a part of the whole. They divide themselves into nations, casts and sects and do not relate themselves to a single community of humanity. This is also because of the fact that they live in different parts of the world with different socio-political circumstance, therefore, it is very much possible and practical that they see the world from different points of view and, on certain occasions, consider others as different and even enemies.
However, it is not a valid argument to justify conflicts, wars and chaos. Definitely, there are differences among human beings and among different groups or communities of them, but it is not impossible to accept these differences, embrace them and let them embellish the world with variety instead of fighting over them and killing others for them.
Today’s globalized world has brought human beings closer in so many aspects and it has given rise to the challenges of confrontations among different people with different backgrounds; however, it has also provided the opportunities to understand one another and appreciate others or learn from them. It has also disclosed for the human beings that there are so many aspects among them which unite them and bring them closer as a single community. However, it is important to see the factors that are common instead of discovering differences for political and other purposes. They have to see the world and its habitants with the feeling of empathy instead of hatred. Hatred would definitely see the differences and give rise to further hatred, while empathy would enable them to see above all the differences and rise in stature as a human being.
From a practical point of view, it is really vital to understand that the systems in the world are designed or formed in such a way that they make people and things connect to and depend on one another. No human being can live alone in the world. Those who think that they can isolate themselves as individuals from their societies and their fellow beings are basically living in a fool’s paradise. They need to wake up, and realize the true world and their true selves. Accepting others, supporting and assisting them are the only way to live in today’s world that is turning to be more and more mechanical with each passing day. Human beings require adopting empathy as their top priority behavioral trait, if they want to guarantee their existence in the world. So much hatred, bloodshed and differences have been promulgated just because human beings have forgotten the habit of Empathy.
Hating others just because they belong to different cultures, religions, sects and ideologies is, in fact, a weird behavioral trait. If others are different for a person, it is also true that he is different for them as well. If he thinks others as detestable; others may also think so. However, it is important to see others in perspective of their environment and their socio-political context. Looking at others with one’s own biases is a silly mistake and may lead to abhorrence and hatred.
Empathy, in fact, has the capacity to turn enemies into friends. The policy of hatred can only generate further hatred; it creates a never-ending chain. If you hate others; others will hate you as well and process will continue. In order to break the chain of hatred and enmity, it is important to adopt empathy from the very beginning.
An imperative point to understand is that every person must start empathy from his own self. He must understand himself and his true nature first and then he can understand the worth and reality of others. Loving himself and developing his own personality will really help him in being kind to others. And, it must be realized as well that being compassionate to others does not mean that a person is superior to others; that he is on the giving end and others are on receiving end. It is mutual – empathy for others is vital for one’s own self and personality as well.    
It is crucial to comprehend that the current policy of animosity and envy will lead human beings towards extinction. It is not wise to continue the same policy of hatred. Human beings require changing themselves. Realizing this fact is of utmost importance. Having realized it, we can further debate the viability of the policy of empathy in today’s world.
Today our country is also suffering from the repercussions of hatred and war. Our people, therefore, require adopting empathy as their basic code of conduct. It will surely change our society and our people and we would be in a better position to fight hatred, violence, terrorism and wars.