Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, January 21st, 2019

A Call to Care for Earth

Environmental Crisis is worse than Today's Social & Political Crisis

The developing process and respect for life is an inner principle of all faiths on this Planet. Yet our reactions towards the very livelihood on earth are endangering our lives on earth with hazardous levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The effects of these gasses are really so dangerous that they are destabilizing the global climate system, heating the earth, acidifying the oceans and putting both the humanity and all living creatures at a gigantic risk that survival will be a tough struggle for the mankind and alike.

The extreme pressure of nature's balance causing the environment to become increasingly apparent and fragile, even as human action inflict ever larger, more dangerous and potentially irreversible changes on the indivisible web of atmosphere, earth, ocean and life that is creation.

The specialists and experts suggest that we must double our efforts to care for our earth, and to protect the poor and the ones who are suffering. Therefore, a strong action on climate change is imperative by the principles and traditions of our assurance and the collective compassion, wisdom and leadership of humanity. By now, everyone does know the importance of science based targets for the reduction of the greenhouse gasses in order to prevent the worst dangers of the climate crisis.

According to the specialist and researchers, we argue the nations of earth to ensure that those who will suffer under the climate induced changes such as more severe storms, floods droughts and the extreme rising of seas be aided to adapt, survive and equitably proper.

As we are in the picture of climate catastrophe around the world, climate change is not only an economic or technical problem, but rather at its core is a moral, spiritual and cultural one but indeed more dangerous than our current social and political crises. Mitigating climate change can develop our economies sustainably, protect our planet, lift up the poor and unite to a common cause people threatened by a common danger.

Supporting the vulnerable communities, by developing the greenery system to make a source of income for them and species to survive and adapt to climate change fulfills our calling to wisdom, mercy and the highest of human moral and ethical values. Our commitment to action to changing our habits, our choices and the way we see the world to learning and teaching our families and friends to conserving the limited resources of our home, planet Earth and preserving the climate conditions upon which life ultimately depends.

To put into a nut shell, I will chose to call upon our leaders, those of our belief and all people of Earth to accept the reality of the common danger we face, the imperative responsibility for immediate and decisive action and the opportunity to change.