Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, October 18th, 2018

The Ill-Maintained Roads

There are varioustypes of developments that are believed to be essential for the people of a country in the modern world. And within a country, the government bears the responsibility to make these developments attainable. In the modern and developed countries, where the governments are very capable and agile, the developments are very frequent and take place as per the needs of the people, whereas in the underdeveloped and developing countries such developments are scanty.
One of the developments that are believed to bevery much important for modern way of living is the construction and maintenance of roads. Through roads it is possible to link different parts of the country and, at the same time, different parts of a village or city. This connection makes every part of the country easily accessible and resultantly supports the people in making their lives easier. Without proper networks of roads it is impossible to think of efficient and effective transportation. The networks of roads basically provide an infrastructure for different other types of developments that are necessary for a country.
Business is one of the factors that are highly dependent on well-maintained roads. The production companies have to transfer their products to different parts of the country and city, which is impossible without roads. The timely transfer of their products does not only bring them money but also assists the customers in fulfilling their needs on time. It is not always possible for all the businesses to transfer their products from one place to another through airplane, therefore the roads provide them an easier and cheaper means of transportation. Moreover, the businessmen and other official personnel have to travel to different countries and even different parts of the country usually; therefore, they would need the support of an effective transportation system equipped with healthy roads.    
The roads are also very much useful in providing the people and making them avail the humanitarian services as well. It is very difficult to provide different types of services to the people who live in the remote areas of the country. They, because of no access to development works, are always far away from medical services, proper education, clean drinking water, electricity and even proper food to eat. As there are no roads that lead to them, they always suffer from dearth of basic requirements and government is not able to reach them and even know about them.
The roads are also very much necessary for bringing about beauty to a place and support people to have safe recreational journeys. It is really weird and unpleasant to find the roads that are broken and dusty. Moreover, the ugliness further increases in such roads when there is rain or overflow of drain water. Such conditions can cause different types of diseases as the drain water may remain on the roads for days and invite mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, the drain water, containing different types of bacteria, dries on the road and afterwards is blown in the air by passing vehicles and wind and becomes the stuff the people breath, which can cause different types of lungs diseases.
Afghanistan is one of the countries that are suffering from the lack of proper network of roads. There are many areas in the country that are not accessible through proper roads and people remain away from attention and proper services. Leave the other parts of the country aside, the condition of roads in the capital Kabul are pathetic as well. Anyone, who might have experienced travelling through different parts of the capital city, can witness the agony they face in such an experience. There are only few roads that are well-maintained while the rest are nothing but ancients remains that support dust more than vehicles and people.
The recent rainfall in the country has unveiled the true conditions of the roads and the roads in capital have now become ponds of water, where people would require boats to pass from side of the road to the other. The vehicles are not able to pass through them and every day many of them can be found caught in the water and the drivers can be seen making efforts to come out of it.
No proper drainage system has proved to be lethal and there is no one to pay attention to the situation. The residents of the city cry for help and have tried to bring the situation in the notice of higher authorities but there has not been much heed. Recently, President Ashraf Ghani seems to have taken notice of the situation and directed the Municipality to be more active and make utmost efforts to deal with the situation; however, it is yet to be seen whether there will be real follow up. 
Afghanistan does not have latest technology that can support in maintaining their roads. Attention and consideration in this regard is of great importance. Afghan government, donor agencies and developed countries that are willing to support Afghanistan can divert attention to this important issue. Such supports are very much crucial for Afghanistan and can assist them in developing strong infrastructure. Afghanistan is in crying need of latest technology in almost all fields of life and in case of maintenance of roads the requirement becomes even more essential as the situation is not satisfactory in this regard.