Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Unchecked Price Hike

There is information in news that food prices have risen in Kabul, contrary to the promises made by Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI). There have been rise in the prices of commodities like sugar, rice, flour, ghee, oil, milk, egg and chicken. These are the items of general use and accommodate the daily food usage of the people.

The rise in the prices of these items would really affect the common people to a large extent. The month of Ramadan is considered a holy month by the Muslims and this month is marked with a call for virtue. But, the ongoing scenario in the country is drawing a different picture, with the people being involved in unjustified profit earning and the further concern about the issue is that it is going unchecked.

It is really necessary for the government to take notice of such mischievous deeds and should make the traders and shopkeepers accountable to their actions. The poor people of the country, due to shortage of basic requirements of life face immense difficulties in guaranteeing proper performance of their religious duties.

Instead of being provided opportunities that can make their duties easier in this sacred month, they are pushed to the stage where they have to withdraw from their duties. Definitely it would be difficult for a family to observe fast provided that the family can afford to have a single time meal within 24 hours or even less than that.

It should also be realized by the traders and shopkeepers that they should not be so opportunistic and should in no way take advantage of such occasions, and push the society to further frustration. And the government should guarantee strict measures to have a check on such opportunists; otherwise, once they are in the habit of taking advantages of the leakages, they would never stop and generate a competition of unjustified profit earning.