Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Laying Out a Red Carpet

Self-important, overbearing announcement by High Peace Council (HPC) is, as usual, blown by obdurate Taliban group. Hoping for a big win in the so-called reconciliation process, the council announced they had evidences suggesting that Taliban leadership has a tendency to join peace initiative. Posing with great self-importance, HPC delegates have made trips abroad to win supports for the futile, time wasting reconciliation process in Afghanistan. Failed to overcome the challenge, President Karzai government, influenced by certain internal and external circles, eventually offered peace talks to the terrorists.

To paint it with enough legitimacy, President Karzai divided militants by the very traditional labeling of "bad and good". However, they have proved enough clever to keep their front united and practice their fierce ideology. Furthermore, they are recruiting more mercenaries from the restive southern provinces and receiving more supports from certain external backing sources. As yet, peace talk has remained a worthless offer for the Taliban.

Laying the ground for receiving his discontented brothers, President Karzai administration is losing the very last opportunities to fight against terrorism. Taliban spokesman has frequently refuted announcements by afghan government on progress made to hold peace negotiations with the Taliban. However, they insist Taliban include also some peace-loving fighters. None of whom has confessed the attribution. Zabihullah Mujaheed, purported spokesman of the Taliban, has counteracted HPC secretary, Ismail Qasimyar's naïve statements over Mullah Omar's willingness to embrace peace. Accusing HPC members of being appointed by western powers, Mujaheed has asked them why Omar should come to the table as Taliban are defeating NATO.

On NATO side, peace negotiation is, however, an option to facilitate an easy pullout. Engaged in fierce fight against Taliban, they primarily rebuffed adopting diplomatic means to address terrorism scourge but this increasingly deteriorating security made them understand the hard truth.

They finally provided backing for President Karzai administration to placate Taliban. In view of divergent strategies so far, the international community would not be able to conclude fighting on time. Reconciliation could serve this purpose. But the requirement they've failed to try is to find enough political determination in fight against Taliban.

Consensus and political determination exist neither with President Karzai administration to fight his dissident brothers who recently assassinated his step brother, nor with the NATO member countries that are in a hurry now to withdraw forces to survive economic pressures at home. In such a foggy milieu, Taliban become more hopeful to recapture power and enforce Sharia Law while Afghan government and international forces are busy planning for more measures to appease Taliban. The Council for Peace would also serve no clear purpose except than to lay out the red carpet for welcoming the heavily armed one-eyed Mullah.