Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 20th, 2019

North Turning to Resemble South

Kunduz province was the center for Taliban's activity in North during Emirate of Afghanistan 1996-2001. In the recent years, no good reports are coming from this province as Taliban have been able to increase its insurgency there. In the first half of current year, Taliban have launched several suicide attacks in north killing civilians, Nato and Afghan troops and government officials like governor of Kunduz and police chief of north zone.

This is not only a great threat to the Northern provinces of Afghanistan but also to the stability of Central Asian States where the governments are worried about increasing Islamic extremism. The Tajik government, for example, has banned the under eighteen youths to enter mosques.

In Kunduz, Taliban fighters are setting up fake checkpoints along the northern road and launching suicide attacks. And they are increasingly engaging German and Afghan security forces in firefights. In the main city of Kunduz the people are worried about their lives, properties and a number of foreign offices have been closed down.

As tensions increase, people in Kunduz say they are being forced to take sides. Some families are reported to have sent one son to join the Taliban in case the militants gain control of the region. Taliban are increasingly motivating the people to join them and have started a wide campaign in this regard. Taliban have to be stopped from establishing further strongholds in north and their activities be reserved or north will soon resemble the south of country.

With Kunduz, Takhar and some other northern provinces under their significant domination, Taliban are trying to bolster their influence in the strategically vital province of Badakhshan. Reportedly Taliban are putting efforts to strengthen their links with Uzbek, Tajik and other Islamic extremist groups in the central Asian States.

They are eyeing to utilize Badakhshan as a focal point to import insurgents and provide logistics and weapons to its fighters fighting Afghan and Nato forces in the northern region. This will put the north of Afghanistan in great danger. As Nato will be completely out of Afghanistan by 2014 and the process has already kicked off, it is expected that the condition of the southern provinces will soon prevail in northern ones.