Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Security at Risk

The security concerns have increased largely in the country as the terrorists have turned very much violent in the recent months. There are questions being raised on the capability of Afghan authorities to guarantee peace and tranquility even in the securest of the places. The terrorists with their different tactics have been able to achieve upper hand in so many incidents. Further, they have been able to penetrate even in the security forces. Or they have on many occasions disguised themselves as the security personnel and hit important targets.

There have been many occasions when the attackers have been dressed in military uniform. The attack in the capital Kabul on the Ministry of Defense earlier this year, which resulted in the death of two soldiers and harm to seven others, was also carried out by a terrorist dressed in military uniform. The same incident urged the government to ban the unlicensed sell of military uniform. Another incident in capital Kabul wherein the terrorists targeted a police station in the center of the city was also carried out by men disguised in uniforms.

Terrorists in disguise of security forces are difficult to be traced and they can easily dodge the security arrangements and can reach to the most fragile places in the city. There is a piece of news on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 that a large illegal uniform-making factory has been discovered in Parwane-2 area of Kabul, which is well equipped with all the materials for the making of uniforms. This further adds concerns to already deteriorating situation of the security. There may be many such factories and few of them, if not all, may have links with terrorists and may be providing them the uniforms which they can use for their evil operations.

Government has to make sure that such arrangements should be made unsuccessful and on the other hand should also make sure that the terrorists should not be able to penetrate in the security forces. There have been incidents when cadets from within the security forces have attacked their foreign officers and have brought them maximum loss. Further, such culprits among the security forces can provide confidential information to the terrorists who will definitely use them for their vilifying incentives and push social psychology to further distrust.