Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, December 14th, 2018

Peace – A Crucial Requirement

One of the most crucial requirements for a society to develop is peace and tranquility. Without sustainable peace, thinking of prosperity is nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination. With peace, a society would be on the track of a healthy evolution and it would be able to concentrate on many other issues that are hurdle in the way to bliss and contentment.

In the journey from the first human societies to today’s modern world, wherein human beings call themselves civilized and the best of all the creatures, there have always been fluctuations between peace and war. Unfortunately, no peace has been for ever and fortunately, no war has lasted long. Wars have always devastated human civilizations, killed millions of human beings, brought miseries and pains and yet they have not been rejected as unnecessary and this fact is really very painful.

It is difficult to believe that knowing the horrors of wars, human beings have always considered them necessary and almost all the nations in the world are really ready for wars. There are many important requirements that are neglected in the society and most of the energy and efforts are utilized to make a nation ready for launching war and strong militarily. It is weird to note that there are many countries on the face of earth that would not utilize the resources of the nation for improving the standard of the living of the people but would spend them magnanimously on acquiring modern weaponry. In fact, human beings are preparing for their own destruction and extinction consciously.

Unfortunately, some of the human beings are of the view that peace can only be achieved through wars and therefore, wars are necessary in human societies. This is the biggest misconception human beings have ever had. War does not and cannot bring peace; it in its nature is destructive. Even if war brings peace that is only after the entire human civilization is erased.

At the same time, some nations are today proud of their military achievements and their history of wars. And today, wars have become an educational subject that is taught within colleges, universities and military institutions. People get degrees and certificates in the science and art of killing one another. This is the most organized way of arranging for one’s own destruction. Human beings really need to reconsider so many aspects of their lives, start knowing their worth and start living their lives. They are really on a path of no return. They need to change their attitude before they are not able to do so.

Most of the wars have been possible because the nations have been very much interested in dominating each other and gaining power as power has enabled them to play major role in international politics and power game. In the meanwhile, they have forgotten the basic philosophy of the development of politics and states. Politics is really a game of power but the same power can be used to bring peace and tranquility within the world. Moreover, if all the political achievements of human beings are not able to bring them peace, what is the purpose of all those achievements? If they are not able to use their tendency to love each other what is the use of their sensitive feelings?

One of the basic reasons of wars has been the tendency to subjugate others and try to revenge them for any perceived misdeed. And the series of retaliations have mostly formed an unbreakable chain of recurring circle and the wars have devoured several generations. This fact is true both in collective and in individual lives. Nations and individuals who have kept on retaliating have only been able to achieve great loss, nothing else. That is how human beings in today’s society behave. They behave as if they are blind towards all the ugly manifestations of bloody wars and to all the miseries; therefore, they are making themselves ready for more and more wars, more seriously than ever before.

To maintain peace and tranquility in the world, it is necessary that there should be efforts both on collective and individual levels. The international organizations can play a very dominant role in bringing peace in the world. They can bring the world leaders together and try to establish strong relations among the nations of the world based on the theory of cooperation and collective existence. They can also strive to introduce ban on the proliferation of the destructive weaponry and careless utilization of atomic energy.

On the individual level, human beings can use their characteristics of compassion and love to reduce the possibilities of war and establish peace. There is no doubt in the fact that human beings are loving beings. They have a heart, which knows to beat and to feel affection towards other human beings. They can be all ears to the beating of their hearts and can observe how peacefully and in a perfect order they follow one another, neither to dominate nor to beat but to support one another and in the process support the entire heart which then ensures life.