Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

The Real Responsibilities of Politicians

Though the evolution of human society has enabled them to achieve some marvellous achievements, but they have not been able to achieve one of the most important aspect – they have not been able to develop a better society to live in. They have not been able to achieve order and true prosperity in their social lives; thus it can be said that the human designs generated by their so-called superior minds have achieved chaos and disorder, on the contrary. It is really unfortunate to note that human systems and ideologies have not portrayed the superior nature of human beings in practical life but instead has defamed them. Disorder and instability prevail in most parts of the world that is dominated by human beings. Ill-fatedly, our country is one of the same parts that have been highly influenced by disorder.

It is important to study the nature of the disorder that has dominated our society and its reason. It is generally believed that politics and politicians are entirely responsible for the current disorder and chaos and such a belief is difficult to reject as politicians have not left any other choice. Their attitude and behaviour have made the people think so and at the same time defamed politics.

If we analyze Afghan society, we can see that there are many problems that we face. We are confronted with many economic, social and political issues and multiplied with that is the fact that we are not completely prepared to solve them. Decades of wars and instability have further influenced our capacities to face the challenges. And then there is corruption, which like an anaconda has tightened itself around the society in such a way that it has no chance of escape. Extremism and terrorism have penetrated deep within the roots of our society and have been threatening our people to a great extent. Disorder, disturbance and chaos are building hurdles in front of the designs of our authorities to establish order, discipline and dignity. The current chaos is, to a certain extent, because of our ruling elite as everyone can observe that they because of their negligence and self-centred incentives have made politics ridicule. They are, in the true sense of politics, answerable to both politics and the people. Politicians, in fact, are to serve the people, facilitate the people with their basic requirements, guide the nation, lead the nation towards a better system, solve the problems and issues and have the sense of responsibility. In our country, the politicians evade the people, fulfil their own requirements and demands, mislead the nation, never strive for political order and institutionalization, utilize the issues for their personal and group interests and do not have even slightest sense of responsibility.

On the other hand, because of the strategic importance of Afghanistan, it has been dominated by the international political games played by the world powers. In fact, imperialism blinded with extreme power has influenced the Afghan land to a large extent. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said by John Emerich, an English historian, politician & writer. There is no doubt in the correctness of this statement, if we have a proper analysis of the contemporary international scenario. Few say that “Imperialism has died”, while the fact is that it has taken a new birth, it has been transformed in what is scarier. The capacity of imperialism to exercise power has been enhanced by the availability of advanced mechanisms. No land is far away from the imperialists and no one can avoid their influences.

They are the decision-makers, they decide the destiny of the nations and they determine the course of world order. A little happens in the favour of what they dislike. They follow their interests in weaker countries in different ways. They can launch a direct war, influence the other countries through cultural dominance or affect their policies through aid and assistance.

However, blaming the other countries for all of the disorders and disturbances has been one of the policies of our political leaders to avoid responsibility. It also helps them create a sense of lethal enemy who is always ready to destroy us and who has nothing else to ponder upon except our extinction. And we fall prey to such ill intentions and get ready to believe such concepts as a result of our blind and fanatic patriotism. In fact, in such a way we become ripe to be utilized by them the way they want.

A little political understanding and prudence can make us understand the games that are basically played by international players and our own rulers. On some occasions they make us be lost in the imaginations of an ideal society and on some others they slap us with the harsh realities to come back to the real world. What we understand is half-reality and half-lie, which is more dangerous than the whole-lie.

At the same time, it must not be forgotten that the understanding and attitude of the people have to be blamed to a certain extent as well for the chaos and disturbance in the society. If the rulers are not able to rule properly, they are also not able to understand their responsibilities and avoid performing them appropriately.