Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Low Employment Rate Benefits the Taliban

Based on the data from Ministry of Labor, the number of unemployed Afghans is now over two millions. A big portion of that figure is formed by youth. The economy of Afghanistan is not creating adequate job opportunities to address the growing needs of masses. The condition is so despite the billion of dollars of aid poured in Afghanistan by international community in the last ten years. The process still continues. At such an important juncture one can ask if Afghanistan is failing to provide job opportunities at present, what will be its condition after 2014 when the international community will complete its withdrawal process?

Bad security and massive corruption are major reasons for low employment rate in Afghanistan. Relatively good security prevails only in capital and a few major cities of Afghanistan like Mazara e Sharif and Herath. Taliban are continuing to practice violence by killing civilians and people associated to government or foreign countries. It has been successful to hamper all kinds of important works vital to strengthen the backbone of Afghan economy and create jobs.

Meanwhile, corruption is present almost in every government organization. Although President Karzai has been under high pressure from West for not doing anything against corruption; in his view, foreign offices are no exception and there have massive corruption in contracts that are singed directly between Afghans and foreign offices without government having control over them.

The beneficiary of all weaknesses and pitfalls the government has is the Taliban. Taliban are not holding government in Afghanistan. Yet it is a good employment provider, according to many people. The salaries Taliban pay, are much higher than what government is paying to civil servants. For a notable number of Afghan youth, working with Taliban is preferable and easier than becoming a government employee or travelling illegally abroad.

Taliban continue to recruit youth who are disappointed and hopeless about the government's doings to solve their problems. Youth having parallel ideology as that of Taliban, have been, reportedly, joining the insurgent group voluntarily since long. This has been dangerous trend and has far negative prospects for the country.