Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Militants are Out to Show Security Frailty

Amidst high-flying displays during security handing over ceremonies across the country, President Karzai stresses the need for carrying on reconciliation process. He, once again, offered peace talks to those he has previously named as 'discontented brothers'. However, they are fiercely responding the offer with harsh terrorist attacks against Afghan security forces and civilians. Statistics say that Taliban's suicide attacks, high profile assassinations, hit-and-run operations and road side bombings have extremely increased across the country in comparison to months and years earlier.

19 people were reportedly killed in Taliban's southern heartland Urozgan. Two suicide bombers and militants armed with heavy weapons targeted Afghan government and its allies on Thursday. Insurgents have been assassinating Afghan officials and attacking government installations to demonstrate they remain a potent force despite pressure from the U.S.-led military coalition. They are also out to show that Afghan President Hamid Karzai's administration is too weak to provide security as foreign troops begin to withdraw from the war.

With insecurity badly affecting the entire country, Afghan government officials futilely hope that president Karzai's placating policies could help his peace initiative become successful. Despite its hard experiences during the decade-long war here, there are enough signs saying that Afghan government has got no clear definition of her mission in the fight against terrorism and whom it is fighting against. Al Qaeda-backed Taliban, the stubborn extremist militants, are treated kindly by afghan president and his team.

Appeasement policies and pacifying moves have encouraged the fugitives to carry on their terrorist operations across the country in more sophisticated ways with greater courage to expand violence to those areas that used to be peaceful. Unrealistic judgments on security situation and the futile continued call for peace talks have worked out no single issue.

As demonstrated frequently, the militants would carry out more aggressive operations in more parts of the country with more mercenaries recruited as result of government inefficient policies. Afghanistan's Public opinion is more anxious on the hazy security future in the country on the outset of pullout process by coalition forces. To save the country and avoid further mistakes, the government needs to thoroughly revise the current policies and practices against rigid militants. However, the annals suggest that President Karzai's administration is not willing to make any practical decisions in this regard.