Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

In retrospect, the conflagration and massacre of the dark days of war by Taliban’s regime will never fade into oblivion. Afghan people recoil with fear and hatred whenever the sad memories of the militants’ callous actions flash through their minds. Widows still wince at the memory of how harshly their husbands were beheaded and the tearful eyes of orphans bespeak of the regime’s heinous crime. Likewise, the painful wounds of mothers’ hearts are bleeding for missing their dears and the anger of revenge is boiling up inside the victims’ party. The nightmarish image of the bloody incidents and tragic death of innocent people is too difficult to put into words.

In spite of amnesty declared many times by government for Taliban’s prisoners, the plight of instability and suicide attacks by Taliban-led insurgents does not only remain unabated but also rapidly increasing in intensity. It is believed that the Taliban’s prisoners release is not a panacea for the current instability which is going on in the country.  

According to common knowledge, maximum of Afghan citizens also evinced disinterest in Taliban’s prisoners’ release, however, the will of former President were not only foisted upon the citizens but also on their representatives.

It is a matter of concern when the great and continuous kindness of Afghan government meets inflexibility of Taliban. It has been experienced that Taliban and like-minded groups ungratefully bite the hand that feeds them. As a result, in spite of Afghan government’s demand, to join government through democratic means and accept constitution, Taliban militants targeted civilian and innocent Afghans on many occasions. Hence, they are pushing the security situation in political turbulence.

There is no clear outlook for political officials about the outcome of the Taliban’s release. This is a highly complicated scenario. Most officials foresee that the released militants will rejoin their groups for reorganizing terrorist attacks in Islamic countries, especially Afghanistan. But the policy adopted by Afghan President is in the intention of accelerating peace process.

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the legitimacy of government is under question and Taliban still treat the country as a puppet government. They have always refused to sit on the table of negotiation with Afghan officials. Furthermore, they will never give up terrorist acts and terrorizing Afghans.

It seems very naïve and self-deceptive to release the militants’ prisoners, despite their denial to accept negotiation. How paradoxical! The more terrorist acts escalate and the demands for peace talk are denied, the more militants are released and the tone for negotiation softens. Many deals with Taliban for peace process met debacles and further exchanges or amnesty will not bear fruit either. It is feared that this so-called peace process will make the government face abortive outcome or, at least, political stagnation.

The history of Taliban’s regime is replete with violence and blood. Likewise, the hearts of people are fraught with excruciating pain and bitter memories of the dark days of the war. The perilous ghost of horror and terror is haunting the minds of the regime’s survivors. In other words, it is very disgusting to remember the ugly image of cruelty and bloodshed enforced by Taliban militants and many questions remain Isn’t it a right thing if those terrorists released stand on trial for being guilty of many innocent civilians’ murder?  What about those who missed their family members? What about many more people who are staying behind bars for no clear fault or not having anyone to release them? The questions remain unanswered or maybe nobody knows about policy.

Releasing enemies debilitate the political structure and destabilize the country day by day. There is no assurance if released militants will not join their ex-groups again for reorganizing attacks in the country. If it happens so, our political officials will be going to the wrong path with the intention of stabilizing the country. Moreover, if this last try bears bitter fruit, then there will be no other way left for political officials other than launching a heavy military operation against terrorists with the help of the international community.

Even though, it’s being expressed pessimistically concerning the release of Taliban’s prisoners. But it should be mentioned here that it is too hard to foresee the exact outcome of the issue. But, considering the current situation of the country and past experiences, one will conclude with the same opinions. In other words, as security is the basic right of a citizen, people are deprived of this asset and falling victim for terrorist act every day. The graph of violence is very high in the country. Taking the past into consideration, the officials were deluded by the fatal conspiracy of the militants which resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent Afghans.