Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Dearth of Rudimentary Requirements

Though human beings require different types of needs in their lives, the needs to live alive are the most basic and important ones. These include food, cloth and shelter. Provided with these rudimentary requirements, human beings are able to pursue their other needs, objectives and goals. Fortunately, our planet earth is embellished with different sorts of resources and all these resources help human beings in acquiring their needs. Unfortunately, it is still weird to find millions of people without the basic needs in the world.

Why is it so that even after having large reservoirs of different resources human beings are not able to get even their basic requirements? Though human beings are the most prudent of all the creatures and they claim to be the best, they are not able to use these resources wisely. From the very first human beings, like all the other creatures, they have strived to find out ways of fulfilling their needs. They have travelled much in this regard and yet stand nowhere. They have formed societies and developed systems, yet they are not able to provide even the basic needs of life to the all the human beings. This is really very much pathetic.

Some of the thinkers suggest that human beings are bound by the law of nature to be so. They believe that all human beings may not be able to have their basic needs as only those among them are capable of doing so who are the fittest among them. They, in fact, strive to apply the biological theory of Charles Darwin in society – “struggle for survival, survival of the fittest.” However, they forget to miss a very important point that the theory may apply for the struggle among different species with their environment, not among the members of the same specie for their personal benefits. If as specie human beings adopt the theory of evolution, they would find out ways of making human beings survive against the changing nature of their circumstances, not fighting one another to steal basic requirements. Applying the theory among the different human beings of the same society may at the end result in the extinction of the entire society.

The examples of ants and honeybees can be cited here for further explanation. They work in communities and support each other for gathering their basic requirements and afterwards use them when they need. They are always found to be working together; supporting each other in the chores that are useful for the community as a whole. They have exemplary discipline and portray the best example of collective life. They have every right to survive as ‘specie’ as they are the fittest as specie.

Ill-fatedly, human beings are not so. Human beings are divided into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. They are divided in the rich and the poor. The rich have all the requirements of lives and they enjoy all the luxuries as well while the poor suffer because of the lack of basic requirements. This is not nature that has decided such an arrangement; it is human beings themselves. The nature does not differentiate the human beings into rich and poor. The scented breeze in the nature blows for everyone without the distinction of race, community, poor and rich. The river that flows in nature provides everyone with same bewitching scene and cold water to drink. The fountains do not recognize the strata and the economic status. And even the natural calamities; like earthquakes, floods and deadly hurricanes destroys everyone equally. However, some may have developed better defense against all these calamities by the dint of their wealth, which is because of the economic system in society developed by human beings themselves, not the nature.

It is the socio-economic and political systems in the country that divide the human beings in different classes. These classes are distinguished with vivid and sharp boundaries. The differences found in these classes are gigantic and one wonders how human beings are really satisfied with so much distinctions. The examples are not difficult to find. There are millions of poor people in the world. They have not enough food to eat, no clean water to drink and no cloth to wear. The economic system developed by human beings, with the intentions to fulfill their requirements, has in fact cheated them and they are at a stage of misery. The class-based system and the vivid class disparities have neutralized the capacity of human beings to fulfill their basic requirements from the infinite resources.

This has generated an imbalanced system. This imbalance has further created different sorts of evils in society. There are crimes and injustices because of the same system. Poor, because of negligence and lack of basic requirements are bound to break the law and the rich, because of their authority to mock the law and order system, break it. Poor, to quench the thirst of their children and fill their stomach with few morsels of food, break the law; while the rich, to quench their thirst for luxury and adventure, break it. This system cannot guarantee sustainability and has to change or to die one day. It is a widely accepted proverb that necessity is the mother of invention. Human necessities will compel them to design a better system – a system that would guarantee the providence of basic requirements to all the human beings on the planet earth.