Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, October 19th, 2018

Zabul Witnessed Another Mass Abduction

The individuals driven by evil motives, forged ideologies and aggressiveness has put them in the rate race to dominate –leads to formation of a human society we witness at the moment, characterized by rule of violence, aggression, characterized by innumerable bloodshed, abduction and ruthless killings of fellow man. Amidst the continuing military operation at some parts of country –a faction of militants have set to storm cities and provinces instead of relying on explosion and bomb blasts simply –others have planned to soar the anguish of masses by kidnapping non-combatant civilians.

It was an unfortunate Saturday morning when a group of militants intercepted 4 buses along Zabul-Kabul highway, went with identity checks, segregated 20 passengers and took them away to an unknown destination but within the terrain of Afghanistan where the hold of government is minimum. According to official the incident has happened near Nawrak district about 35 kms from Qalat, the capital of Zabul. Meanwhile the president’s office has vowed to track down the kidnappers behind the plot seems more or less a vague promise. The government seemingly is making efforts to ensure their safe release, yet no major breakthrough has materialized.

The highways are turning perilous for passengers travelling across the country. The militants are using every possible means to underline the existing weaknesses within the government. Abduction is another weapon the militants have resorted to, formerly. Mass abduction has always been used either for financial gains or furtherance of political cause. The prisoner swap between government and the militants that led to release of most of 31 abductees had earned them loftier standing –a trend that is hitherto used for political blackmailing. Significantly, the militants are attempting to strike at ethno-sectarian harmony that is likely to resonate with shaken loyalties. 

Previously, seven Hazaras including women and children went through decapitation who were captured by ISIL fighters almost two months ago –in the height of cold blooded, indeed was a rare heard killing. The incident sparked a massive demonstration through the streets of Kabul two weeks ago. Tens of thousands of demonstrators carried dead bodies through the streets of the capital, calling for justice, end in ongoing bloodshed and kidnappings following the inexplicable heart wrecking Zabul beheading incident. The said incident reportedly taken place mere some km away from the point where Daesh militants kidnapped 31 bus passengers in February. Following the release of most hostages, the last five were freed a week ago. It is utter failure when a single route and area turns no-go despite the government being asked to deploy military post is repeatedly turned down, is denial on concerned issue.

Following the Zabul tragic beheading incident, President Ashraf Ghani came up with strong condemnation on meeting the families of victims. Unfortunately, the government resorted to condemnation and promises –the statement neither contained any clue relative to perpetrators nor plans to hunt them down before they turn wilder.  Hardly weeks passed that tragic incident another identical incident took place on the same route –alike the past incident the public officials resorted to promising. The government either by erroneous policy or unwillingness has turned blind eye to the roaming death squads. 

The masses of Afghanistan suffer at the hand of Taliban, Al-Qaida, ISIS and their affiliates –driven mad by the motive of revival of caliphate system in the country –is unlikely to solve the giant problems of Islamic world, they deem. The interesting and common about all of them is; they share same ideology and similar tactics to enforce their stately law and rule of business –is repression and violence. Nevertheless, Taliban previously asserted to have setback from the very extreme position and had pledged to get in line with democratic changes crystallized in the Afghanistan. Surprisingly, it has too claimed to have gunned down the terrorist behind the decapitation of seven Hazaras in Zabul. Conversely, the ISIS is endeavoring great deal of atrocities to leverage their political influence, is leading reason behind growing atrocities and multiplying terror.

Who is responsible for the incident must be sought out quickly and efforts should be hastened to release the poor victims. It is the responsibility of a government within a state to ensure peace and security of its citizens within the country whose dears’ ones are anxiously waiting their safe return. The government seems to be determined doing away the worries of masses by extending improved governance. The government must learn following the security threats the people have greatly restricted their movements within the country which has equally impacted passengers, the poor wagers and transporters alike. Significantly, how many terrorists are let loose to undermine the writ of government –owing sound, well trained and large standing army is unlikely to turn blind at masses’ widening woes.

Despite the government’s assurances that everything possible is being done to secure the release of the Hazara hostages, no progress has been made known, and, overall, the process has been cloaked in secrecy. They are passionate about hearing good news from security officials rendering successful in setting free their dear ones. The government is said to have dispatched military forces to ensure safe rescue of abductees will earn acceptance only when it has exercised their release through some acquiescent development. As the day advances the government coming to nothing earns intensified criticism by civil society, the poor masses and relatives of affected families. The masses shocked with tragic beheadings of seven civilians had not properly recovered that another saddening abduction took place depicts the miseries are yet elongate.