Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Sports Can Change our Society

Sports have always played an important role in the lives of individuals and societies. They are not only a part of entertainment but, at the same time, an important reason for better health conditions. Moreover, they are also an opportunity for different nations of the world to make themselves known to the world and earn pride by achieving great performances. Today, there are many nations of the world that are recognized because of the particular sports they have performed in. In addition, the players who have won distinctions in different games are mostly recognized along with the names of their countries.

Sports are also very much helpful in developing social interactions and strengthening them to a great extent. The most important thing that it teaches to the sportsmen is the team work. The players, being parts of different teams, learn to manage social interactions and relations and start mastering the very basic rule of the society, which is social interdependence. On the other hand sports are also very much helpful in strengthening the ties among the nations. Two nations competing in a game can have better understanding of each other’s culture and tradition, which can help in bringing the nations closer to each other.

Sports can also be helpful in keeping the members of a society away from the negative activities. They have always been considered as useful tools in reducing the use of drugs, crimes and other unconstructive activities. There are different sports events throughout the world that attract people to a great extent, bring them together and at the same time provide a huge amount of entertainment. Different nations of the world have different types of sports that are particular to those nations; however, there are certain games that have international status and many nations of the world enjoy playing them.

In Afghanistan, as well, there are different types of sports that are played by the people in different parts of the country. Instability and disorder, however, influenced the growth of the sports in the country. Nonetheless, since the downfall of Taliban and establishment of a so-called democratic government efforts regarding the promotion of sports have intensified. And, there are certain games, in which Afghans have shown great talent and they have achieved international recognition. Among them Football, cricket and Taekwondo are the noteworthy ones.

Afghan football team won the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship 2013 for the first time by beating India. The cricket team on the other hand qualified for World Cup Cricket 2015 and it has also qualified for T20 World Cup 2016 and Afghan Taekwondo hero, Rohullah Nekpa, won bronze medal in 2012 Summer Olympics.

Keeping in mind the preparations and the facilities that the Afghan sportsmen get, it is really encouraging to see such great achievements by Afghan sportsmen. Afghan government requires doing more so as to facilitate different sportsmen in their respective fields. The sportsmen of the other countries enjoy all sorts of facilities that are required; therefore, they are able to show their distinction in different games. 

On the other hand, our sportsmen also require support from the people. The love and support of the people fill the hearts of the players with motivation and determination and, therefore, they are able to perform at their best.

Afghanistan is largely suffering from the influence of war, instability and disorder. The enemies of the nation have nothing else to offer except bloodshed and tyranny. The people are totally fed up of the situation and they want entertainment and amusement. And, they can achieve all these only through sports.

Recently, it has been observed that what the politicians have not been able to achieve, what the sportsmen have been able to acquire. They have brought the down-trodden people of Afghanistan a ray of hope and a realization of the fact that the Afghans are capable of performing well in all fields of life. Politics has only brought rifts within the people and has divided them on ethnic lines, but the games have saved their unity and their honor.

It is really important for the authorities in Afghanistan to understand that the games and sportsmen have a higher role than just playing games; therefore, they should be given due attention and they should be provided with the facilities so that they are able to compete with other nations of the world. They have proved that having less facilities and opportunities they are able to perform very well, so if they are given facilities they will really polish their abilities and will be able to perform extraordinarily on international level.

If sports are promoted properly, they have the potential to divert the attentions of the people towards positive activities and will be able to keep them away from the social evils that Afghanistan is facing nowadays; the evils like terrorism and drugs.