Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Government Must Bring Rokhshana’s Murderer to Justice

The unfortunate girl named Rokhshana aged between 19 and 21 rendered prey to wide practiced callousness –killed in cold blood without conviction. Throng of aged men surrounded the cesspit with stones in their hand whose size and weight could not necessarily fall to any interpretation when the death aimed. Rokhshana was stoned to death without certification of having been the culprit licitly defined adultery. It was later confirmed, escaping the forced marriage with an overage man, the girl had to marry another guy of her age that held her implicated in the said case. It was this finding that served her ruthless killing of the girl by Taliban militants.

The merciless killing took place about a week ago in a Taliban-controlled area just outside Firozkoh, the capital of central Ghor province. The onlookers indisputably, have had rejoiced the whole of story a women stoned –nobody could dare questioning the legitimacy of Shariat and local court and the standard operating procedure if adopted to try culprits with the said crime. The people kept in utter ignorance could not question the legitimacy of Taliban’s ruling or when it comes to Shariat –everybody turns wordless fearing defilement. World of thank to Lawmakers, for considering the act inhumane and un-Islamic whilst demanding an end to violence against women.

Afghanistan is ruled over by National Unity Government with a president and CEO pursuing modern ideals of democracy where human right irrespective of distinction of gender is given prime importance should be a widely used practice. The hitherto rampant violence against women underlines the persisting gravity of the problem. The family of blindfolded law has lastly appealed to President Ashraf Ghani to take action against those responsible for their child's cruel death. It has been a common practice among Taliban Mullahs to pick and choose a lady based on her personal appeal and attraction unnecessarily without her due consent. The people hardly turn down their marriage proposal by one such elderly religious figure, particularly if it comes to be Taliban mullahs. Undoubtedly Taliban themselves have been involved in severe women rights violation, can’t judge an identical case. In modern democratic discourse a person to be implicated in one of the crime can not decide the fate of ordinary masses. It is therefore, the local religious and political leaders’ states Rokhshana was stoned by a group of people who were criminals themselves. They urge the government to bring the perpetrators of the inhumane act to justice.

Formerly, in an identical incident amidst a throng of people a lady with a man associate received 100 lashes being charged of keeping illicit relationship with each other. The sorry picture of the lady lashed in public depicts gravest state of haplessness and irrationality of law treating women. Undoubtedly, the sword of illicit charges always hangs over the neck of a female who dares to turn down a baffling order of public official or local elder. Going against the status quo, simply invites more trouble as witnessed in many cases. Earlier, this year Farkhunda was savagely beaten and set ablaze in central Kabul after being falsely accused of burning Holy Koran. The mob killing triggered protests around the country and drew global attention to the treatment of Afghan women.

The worst state of affairs does not end here –the growing ratio of domestic violence another point to worry about. During couple days, at least three women have died as a result of domestic violence and suicide in northern Afghanistan, according to media reports. Going through detailed account of credible statistics women are primarily demeaned and left vulnerable to violence. According to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), More than 800 incidents of violence against women took place during the first six months of the ongoing solar year, compared to 764 incidents during the same period last year. The official claims most of the victims of suicide attacks, roadside bombings, illegal courts, harassment and torture happened to be women.

The exercise of abusing children and women across the land is not worrying for patriarchal Afghan society and for those with fundamentalist temperaments. The sexual abuse and rape of women and children have been rampant in Afghanistan is chronicled. The government instead of taking measures to uphold women rights is back lashes by enforcement of stoning in Afghanistan penal code. Human Rights Watch registered grave distress said that a working group led by the Justice Ministry that is assisting in drafting Afghanistan’s new penal code had proposed provisions on “moral crimes” involving adultery that call for stoning. The political leader has got to lead the nation towards modernization that accepts democratic values and human rights matters.

The long course we advanced, could earn us nothing, except the rule of nuisance, wicked deeds, widespread manipulation of power, suppression of oppressed and endless tales of barbarism against powerless segment of society. The blind and irrational socio-religious dictates has irreversibly dominated our deeds and thoughts, equally beleaguering our fairer and lucid disposition in every field of human endeavor. Deeming women inferior creature is deliberate negation of their innate aptitude and universal attribute of God’s equity. We have to turn to think otherwise, about this much belittled section of our socially betrayed society.

The culture deeming women as subordinate citizen multiplies their receptiveness to greater tendency of being subjected to worst treatment. The widespread ignorance provides strong reason to ongoing violence. The flawed cultural practices supported by high degree of illiteracy ratify intense violence against women, stand legitimate and justified. Apart from formal education, community based adult education and awareness campaigns on complimentary right’s issues complementary to Islamic teachings might assuage the stringency of substandard customary law that undermines women rights.