Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Negotiations with Taliban Soon

The lingering conflict in Afghanistan, according to many, has not a military solution. It should be resolved through a political way. But seeing the growth in Taliban's insurgency and its unwillingness to solve issues through table talks, one can easily judge that the current initiative of Karzai administration – peace reconciliation program – is not feasible.

The Peace Committee formed by government to facilitate talks with insurgents is continuing to involve Taliban into talks despite intensification of targeted killing, suicide, roadside bombings, other sorts of terror attacks and most importantly Taliban's denial to talk.

In an interview to a radio news channel the Deputy Head of Peace Committee, Attaullah Lodeen has said that the government and Taliban will soon be starting negotiations. He said, "The peace reconciliation program has had important developments and we have contacted insurgents who are involved in planning attacks against Afghan and NATO forces.

" According to Lodeen, the Afghan government has not yet established contacts with leaders of Taliban, Haqqani network and Hizbi Islami. If talks with Taliban begin soon, this will be breakthrough in the 10-year efforts of Afghan government and its international backers to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Peace deal with Taliban should be based on the constitutional law of Afghanistan or it will not be supported by or accepted to the people of Afghanistan. The international community is backing peace negotiations with Taliban provided certain red lines are not crossed.

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to India stressed that the US will not support Afghan reconciliation with insurgents unless it is inclusive and protects the rights of minority groups, religions and women.

From the standing of Peace Committee, talks with Taliban will be initiated soon. But one can not be hopeful as such promises and claims have been made for certain times in past. This has diminished the trust of people over how the process of reconciliation with Taliban is going on. If there is improvement to involve Taliban in negotiation, we should also observe improvement in security condition. Until that is obvious, the government is definitely flying blind.