Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Panjsher Incident Increases Concerns

In return of assistance and sacrifices the international community has been making in Af ghanistan, it has always anticipated cooperation from the government and the people of Afghanistan. But in Afghanistan one should give more and expect less or even nothing. The three decades of war and meddling of several countries have made it quite difficult to distinguish positive roles from negative ones and acknowledge them. For the world Taliban are terrorist and murderer of innocent human beings but still for a significant portion of population in Afghanistan, Pakistan and some other countries, they are angel.

For such people the international campaign in Afghanistan is occupation of this country and its religion, although it is not so. In Afghanistan, such people – people supporting the Taliban – seem to be present in every corner.

Incidents have taken place numerous times in the past in which a police or a soldier has shot dead his foreign counterpart or mentor. Such incidents have confirmed that the Taliban's claim – that its spies are present in Afghan army and police – is not a just an empty claim but a truth.

There is again music in the ears of people who have sympathy for Taliban. People connected to Taliban are now also present in the most sensitive organization of Afghanistan, the National Directorate of Security (NDS). In one of the most peaceful province – Panjsher -, on Saturday, a NDS agent killed two NATO soldiers and injured the third one before he was gunned down. Killing of NATO soldiers by Afghan forces is not a new thing. It is quite an old and very dangerous trend now.

Panjsher falls among the seven areas identified by President Karzai to fall fully in the hands of Afghan security forces this summer. But incidents such as that of yesterday increase doubts and concern even about the future security of the most peaceful provinces like Panjsher. It is doubted that with the withdrawal of international forces, Taliban and other groups of militants would put efforts to increase their presence and influence in provinces they will handover to Afghan forces.

Also, if Afghan security forces and personnel, today, kill their foreigner mentors and counterparts, tomorrow they will turn against each other.