Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, December 7th, 2019

The Persistence of Warlords’ Tradition

It can be concluded from the ongoing political intransigence in the country that "warlords have gone but the tradition of 'Warlordism' is widely practiced across the country". It is the third consequent time MPs delayed a fifteen day-long summer vocation to mount pressure on President Karzai to submit list of his nominees for Ministries, currently run by acting ministers, as well as heads of independent organizations, including Supreme Court.

And they also several times observed silence in Parliamentary session in order to make President Karzai take action and complete the rest of his cabinet members. But, in response, each time, Mr. President has made reluctant promises and never cared to realize. On Sunday, July 3, legislators once again insisted that introduction of new cabinet ministers to replace acting ministers was in national favor and should be resolved without further delay. But it is extremely regrettable to notice that, nowadays, the only thing which President Karzai is not concerned about is "MPs' warning".  

Then which word can define the current situation better then "Warlordism". The constitution, which comprises mouthwatering laws and recognized as great achievement in Post-Taliban democratic process, has turned conflicting itself due to different and contrasting interpretations. Based on the articles of the same constitution, legislators summoned members of Supreme Court as well as the Attorney General, but both bluntly rejected the call and argued that Parliament did not have the right to interfere into their affairs. Subsequently, however, MPs overwhelmingly casted nay votes and disqualified Attorney General and several members of Supreme Court, including Chief justice, but they still continue keeping posts in hand.

Obviously, it is not the fault of constitution and other approved laws; it is the fault of prevalent warlord political extortionist tradition, which is deeply rooted in the country. It is absolutely doubted that the contrasting interpretation of constitution is based on fair assessment, instead everybody here watches laws as formula for evil political chess game to win over opponents.

If not, what can justify the freak inaction of Mr. President that after passing more then a year, his cabinet members are not completed yet? Instead of building a bridge between two vital branches of the government - legislature and executive - which can be helpful to get the country out of the chaos, he deliberately established the "especial tribunal" to use it in brinkmanship with MPs in due time!
In addition, seemingly, the condition of Parliament is not far better. Without caring about the consequences, they are taking measures which are hardly approved by rationality and sound mind.

After the announcement of the result of Special Tribunal Court (STC), they are making hasty decision, which undermines its credibility. Just look to what Parliament have done after the report of STC: disqualified members of Supreme Court, including Chief Justice, disqualified Attorney General in absence, asked President Karzai to resign, agreed to walk out of Parliament collectively if any of their fellows replaced, and etc. Whoops! They have done so much and they must be tired now and need rest. In every session of Parliament, hardly half of the MPs are present on routine basis.

The situation showcases the true faces of officials. Major part of them, including President Karzai, do not actually believe in democratic institutions and democratic laws. What they believe and practice is the same old tradition of warlords - wielding arms and extorting others to follow.