Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Let the World Rest in Peace

Can modernization of nuclear weapons bring us peace and stability? Perhaps, the consequences of nuclear weapons being used against Hiroshima and Nagasaki are an illustrative evidence of its mass destruction in human history. The aftermath of using nuclear weapons is far more miserable than we can imagine. It only talks about destructions and human catastrophes. The history reminds us, unless the world leaders reach to a comprehensive and peaceful agreement over eliminating nuclear weapons, suffering and political clashes would continue sacrificing peace and harmony.

So, it is the beginning of the new year and let us celebrate it by putting down the weapons and embrace peace, harmony, brotherhood, acceptance and compassion toward each others. We need to advocate peace and eliminate nuclear weapons for the sack of our survival and for the good of our planet earth.

At the beginning of each new year, people from every corner of the world express their hopes and desires, exclusively for peace on this planet earth. There have been struggle, dedication and devotion toward this goal in the past. Nuclear weapons are recognized the worst threat to our lives and our planet earth. The people have spoken about this destructive phenomenon and the leaders have heard. This new year we must recommit to the steps necessary toward ending this threat.

It is not the matter of one nation, nuclear weapons are a global threat, affecting all nations and leaving devastating impact on our future generations and our home place. This is about time, a global ethic must step in to dismantle the nuclear threat and work towards its disarmament.

However, the nuclear deterrence and the threat of mutually assured destruction cannot be the basis for an ethics of fraternity and peaceful coexistence among the state nations. Our modern and tomorrow's generation deserve far better environment than that of catastrophes. We must ensure that they will live in a far more peaceful world order, based on the unity of the human family, grounded on respect, cooperation, solidarity and compassion. As of now, we must step forward to counter the logic of fear with the ethic of responsibility and so promote a climate of trust with a sincere approach.

Peace must be brought through justice, socio-economic development, freedom, respect for fundamental human rights, the participation of all in public affairs and the building of trust between people.

This meaningful and praising message was conveyed on Dec, 7th 2014 to the representatives of 158 nations, including the UN and more than 100 international, civil society, academic and religious organizations in two days of testimony about nuclear weapons from experts on health, humanitarian and environmental law, climate change, agriculture and the global economy at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons.

The focus of the conference was in response to recent scientific reports on global humanitarian effects of these mass destructive weapons and the importance of any comprehensive response to their use.

The Peace Laureates said in the meeting on peace building which was followed days later by the Annual Nobel Peace Laureate Conference organized in Rome that our all efforts to secure peace and justice will be fruitless if we do not reach to a comprehensive approach in preventing the nuclear war. For that to happen, we must stigmatize, prohibit and eliminate the culture of nuclear weapons, under any circumstances.

They have also urged the world at large to commence negotiations on a treaty to ban or dismantle the enrichment of nuclear weapons in the nearest convenient point of time possible and subsequently to conclude the negotiations within two years. This will fulfill existing obligations enshrined in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which will be reviewed in May of 2015 and the unanimous ruling of the International Court of Justice. Negotiations on nuclear weapons is recommended to be open on all states but block-able by none.

In fact, the mythological illusions of security based on deterrence only serve to fuel an ongoing arms race robbing our children and indeed the poorest nations of the world of precious resources creating the very conditions that foster additional conflict and miseries. Peaceful negotiations between the nuclear weapons holders will probably contribute to the welfare and peaceful environment of the state nations.

We cannot afford devastation and genocide by the so-called nations who are overlooking the human principles and fighting for the enrichment of nuclear weapons. The world leaders must be dedicated and fully committed in this initiative to ban and eliminate the nuclear weapons, before these mass destructive weapons destroy our planet earth from the face of the planet.

Let us hope that 2015 be a peaceful year, bears harmony and the initiative toward eliminating nuclear weapons moves closer to a reality. Let us also hope that people in the long run are dedicated and committed to do more to promote peace and justice than only talks. 2014 was more than enough to build devastation and bloodshed on our day to living circumstances. Peace is the ultimate need of the time and the world leaders must compromise with each other rather than creating distances so that the people could have it.

There will be no greater diplomatic prize in 2015 than that of a comprehensive and convenient agreement on nuclear weapons between the states growing in mass destructive weapons. Putting down the nuclear weapons is not the sign of weakness but rather a dedication for a good cause that guarantees a peaceful world where everyone rests in peace and harmony. So, now is the time to shake hands for peace building and prosperity.