Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Why Cultivating Narcotic Drug is allowed in Taliban’s Ideology?

Cultivating and using narcotic drug is forbidden in Islamic sharia; however Taliban militants – that claim to establish the rule of God on the earth – live upon the income of narcotic drug. This is highly paradoxical to see that on the one hand the Taliban militants simply behead one for a minor mistake, which puts him/her in collision course with Islamic sharia, and on the other hand their entire practices are against Islamic law.

It is not the only anti-Islamic act practiced by Taliban militants. One’s jaw will drop over the illegitimate practices of the Islamic radicals. They commit the biggest sin and sacrilegious act under the mask of Islam. The merciless killings of the Afghan citizens in the holy month of Ramadan or the Muslim worshippers in the holy mosque will always haunt Afghan people. It is publicly believed that violence and bloodshed are the usual practices of the Taliban insurgents.

Planting explosives inside the Holy Qur’an, the Sacred Book of Muslim, is the worst example of blasphemy. Last year the Taliban militants planted explosive device inside the Sacred Book in a mosque which led to the death of Arsala Jamal, governor of Logar province. This is an index of the insurgents’ moral decline and immoral acts. Such a blatant insult to Muslims’ beliefs and virulent terrorist acts are beyond belief and are intolerable.No doubt, whatever supports Taliban politically or financially, no matter whether it is against the soul of the Islamic sharia, is allowed in their ideology such as cultivating narcotic drug, but whatever weakens Taliban’s activities, though it is in accordance with Islamic rule, is opposed by them thorough a fabricated reason attributed to religion.

The harm of narcotic drug to the life of youths is beyond doubt. Many Afghan youths are drug addict. They suffer not only from ill health but also from poor economic situation. In such a case, they struggle to survive – it doesn’t matter through committing crime or at the cost of others’ life or property. Hence, the addicts harm the society to a large extent and many crimes are committed by them. But do the Taliban militants care about this issue?

The downfall of the country matters not for the Taliban militants. They make efforts to muddy the water more than ever before just to reign or to take a lion’s share in political issue across the country. To take a retrospective look at Taliban’s regime, they ruled Afghanistan entirely by dictatorship. Afghan people still wince at the tragic memory of Taliban’s regime and their bloody war. In other words, Taliban militants murdered thousands of innocent Muslims without feeling a tinge of guilt. The ghost of Taliban’s nightmare still haunts the hearts and minds of Afghan people.

Their unconscionable acts, heinous crime and attitudes towards men, women and children were against Islamic sharia and public morals. History will condemn such acts. By and large, the Taliban’s practices are based on no logical reason. If a mullah dares oppose them logically, he will be beheaded illogically. In other words, since the religious radicals lack religious tolerance, the only answer one can receive regarding their critique or argument will be bullet. So, what ideology does the Islamic radicals follow, goes over the head.

The more you think about the reason behind their practices, the more ridiculous you will find them. Therefore, no whys and buts have place in the baseless ideology of the Taliban militants. In spite of what the Islamic radicals preach, they practice the most inhuman, immoral and anti-religious actions. They pretend to revive the religious laws; however, they themselves are deeply involved in the worst types of crime and corruption. They have not only supported religion but maligned it and their wrong practices made many people feel disgusted with religion.

Does Islam allow a person to take one’s life with no guilt or reason behind? The Thursday explosion and attack which were carried out by the Taliban militants leading to the death and injury of tens of innocent citizens are highly worthy of condemnation. But, condemnation can heal the wound of the bleeding nation; it is a great curse in Islam which was committed by those who shed crocodile tear for Muslim Ummah and Islamic society. It is really ridiculous to think that Taliban’s practices can prevent Islamic sharia from decadence. Nobody should fall for the bogus claims and veneers of the Taliban militants. Nowadays, Taliban are jeopardizing the Islamic societies more than any other groups. They are extremely perilous to our beliefs, religion and society.

In other words, Taliban are destroying Islam from inside and doing their best to stop the heart of Islamic countries from beating. Taliban insurgents are as dangerous to our society as a cancer in one’s body. If we liken the society to a human body, Taliban-led insurgents are exactly the virus causing infections and illness to the minds and beliefs of people. Hence, this cancer should be eliminated from the geographical parts of the country through a thorough surgery. Or the virus should be rooted out so as not to jeopardize the physical, mental or religious health of our people. It is important that the government officials should think seriously of a strategy to curb the anti-human actions being carried out by Taliban militants; however, it may fall on the officials’ deaf ears as ever.