Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Deal with Taliban, a Blunder not a Mistake

The end of every gloomy era is brightness. That is what Afghans have been advis ing their young children who quite often get simply confused by the deprivation they are facing as compared to children living in other countries of the world. Millions of Afghans have lost their lives and the bright seems to have stuck somewhere and it's like 'never coming'. In most of the stuff written about Afghanistan, the conflict in Afghanistan has been confined merely to the last three decades.

Nonetheless, the people of Afghanistan have been suffering since centuries and the end to their suffering is quite ambiguous. With the ouster of Taliban government, new hopes took birth in the hearts of Afghan people. Now, after a decade of international campaign, peace is still a dream and the disappointments of Afghans have reached its climax.

The Taliban is coming back. A war that could not be won by military operations, efforts are underway to resolve it through a political way by entering a peace deal with Taliban. Afghan government and its Western allies have been ensuring the people that this political deal will not harm democracy in Afghanistan and the little security that prevails in their life will not be snatched. But, this is only a promise and in politics promises have no value.

If peace is to prevail in Afghanistan only by allowing Taliban rule it, Afghans are not seconding such peace. The bitter memories – genocide, imprisonment of women in their own homes, targeted killings, psychological and physical punishments, absence of freedom and all other violations of human rights - from Taliban era that have accompanied them until today and are still fresh in their minds will not permit them accept Taliban as their ruler.

Certain political circles deem the US-led international communities' intervention of Afghanistan a 'mistake and the reason for war to linger in this country. If the war is a mistake, entering into a deal with Taliban is a 'blunder' which will have horrible outcomes for Afghanistan, the region and the world.