Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Effort Oriented against Democratic Consolidation

Since democracy is the only solution to Afghan problems, any effort oriented against democratic consolidation in the country is to be deprecated as it catapults the country into a disastrous crisis. It is tantamount to depriving the nation and people of opportunities to shape their democratic future and the democratic future of the country.

Afghan history is a history of failures to modernize and develop. It cannot afford to go through another failure or reversal. Afghan people have given many sacrifices to bring down the oppressive and autocratic regimes. Getting to this point of history was not easy for the people of Afghanistan. A democratic path was carved out when the constitution was written down. It may-or does- need reforms but it must never be bypassed. The second cycle of Afghan parliamentary election was held on September 18, 2010. Both national and international observers hailed it as a success as Afghans ran it. But since president Karzai was not happy with failures/losses of his favorite candidates, he issued a decree to establish a special election court without any constitutional and legal base. The court was set up at the time when the game was over.

More than nine months after the conduct of parliamentary election, the court, which is against the constitution on its own, has now plunged the three branches of power into a deep crisis. Moreover, the Special Election Commission itself did not go through a transparent process to do the recount of the votes. One can just say that it was not even equipped with tools to do that professionally. All it seemed to have done is just preparing a list of favored candidates and unfavored members of parliament. By playing political games, president Karzai is undermining the credibility of judiciary as well.
In fact, Afghan people will lose their trust in the three branches of power as well as in the electoral processes if president Karzai continues to maintain the current muddied situation. He must be taking responsibility for the deteriorating security situation. The president must lead the country into peace but unfortunately instead he is creating further political instability. He needs to deal with widespread corruption in his administration instead of trying to unseat those elected representatives of the people that are not favored by him.